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"Living in the Leadership for Social Change LC has helped with a smooth college transition, and created a strong core group of wonderful people to call friends. If you are looking for an amazing group of people who push each other to succeed, celebrate the little and big successes, and enjoy each other's company, this community is for you." -Megan

The Leadership for Social Change Learning Community is home to a diverse group of students who are committed to leadership development, and who see leadership as a collaborative process to promote social change. You will get to further develop your own leadership skills, explore your passions, and apply knowledge to have a positive impact on your community and the world. In addition, you will be able to form friendships with active, dedicated students through living together and participating in programs.
Staff Partner 
Dr. Shannon Howes, Director of Divisional Assessment and Student Leadership Development
Academic Advisors
Joe Drake and Elizabeth Reynders
Sample Activities and Events
  • Attend the Student Leadership Institute
  • Have conversations about Social Change
  • Learn about multiple aspects of identity
  • Engage in 'Where Do I Draw the Line?' Values Exploration
  • Take StrengthsQuest and learn about your strengths
  • Tour the DuSable Museum of African American History
  • Listen to the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Keynote Speaker
  • Participate in Networks of Mentorship
  • Attend The People's Institute (leadership and social justice)
  • Take part in Connections for Extraordinary Lives Networking Dinner Series
Required Courses Fall 2019
Make sure to sign up for the correct section (the three digits after the hyphen)! 
Choose 1:
  • UCWR 110-069, class 1809: MWF at 9:20am. Instructor- Laura Goldstein
  • UCWR 110-069, class 1818: MWF at 10:25am. Instructor- Laura Goldstein
  • PHIL 130-027, class 3504: Tu at 7:00pm. Instructor- Thomas Derdak
Choose 1:
  • UNIV 101-009, class 2415: M at 11:30am. Instructor- Elizabeth Reynders
  • UNIV 101-018, class 4108: M at 3:30pm. Instructor- Joseph Drake
  • UNIV 101-039, class 6222: Tu at 5:00pm. Instructor- Katrina Weizer
  • UNIV 101-112, class 6234: F at 1:40pm. Instructor- Shannon Howes