Loyola University Chicago

Residence Life

Service & Faith LC

The Service and Faith Learning Community is home to students of all faiths, beliefs, and worldviews who are passionate about exploring the integration of faith and justice through service.  Inspired by Jesuit tradition, members of the Service and Faith LC will strive to become Persons for Others through intellectual inquiry and engaging in the broader community.
Staff Partner 
Megan Barry, Director of Community Service & Action
Academic Advisors
Katrina Weizer
Sample Activities and Events
  • Serve at St. Thomas of Canterbury Soup Kitchen
  • Tour neighborhoods around campus
  • Volunteer with local community organizations
  • Visit local congregations
  • Engage in weekend brunches
  • Participate in a reflective retreat off campus
  • Have conversations about defining service
  • Learn about different faiths through Speed-Faithing
  • Attend social justice events at Hunger Week
Required Courses Fall 2019 
Make sure to sign up for the correct section (the three digits after the hyphen)! 
Choose 1:
  • UCLR 100E-009, class 4764: MWF at 12:35pm. Instructor- Elisabeth Bayley
  • UCLR 100E-012, class 4767: MWF at 1:40pm. Instructor- Elisabeth Bayley
Choose 1:
  • UNIV 101-023, class 4618: Tu at 8:30am. Instructor- Oliver Goodrich
  • UNIV 101-041, class 42440: W at 9:20am. Instructor- Martin Finnie