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The Greenhouse Living-Learning Community (GLLC) is home to students who are passionate about the relationship between people and nature. Students explore ways in which we can all use fewer natural resources and learn how to become agents of change for a more sustainable society. Members of the GLLC engage in Loyola’s initiatives to develop a more sustainable campus, explore ways that the City of Chicago is making strides toward a more sustainable city, and experience much of the nature Chicago has to offer, such as the lakefront, forest preserves, and farmers’ markets.

At the end of one year in the Greenhouse Living-Learning Community, students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate an increased understanding of how sustainability is an interdisciplinary concept

2. Increase their knowledge of environmental sustainability in the content areas of energy, waste, water, food, climate change, transportation, sustainability integration, and IES building specifics

3. Articulate Loyola’s primary emissions and steps that can be taken to reduce the impact on a global issue

4. Acknowledge alternative transportation options at Loyola including walking, biking, public transit and car sharing and the benefits to lower-carbon modes of transportation

5. Explain three major sustainable systems of San Francisco Hall and how they are financially, environmentally and culturally sustainable

Greenhouse LLC Point of Contact

Aaron Durnbaugh (adurnbaugh@luc.edu), Director of Sustainability, Institute of Environmental Sustainability (IES)

Course Instructor(s)

William French (wfrench@luc.edu) – LLC Linked Couse Instructor

Leslie Dossey (ldossey@luc.edu) – LLC Linked Course Instructor

Adam McNeil (amcneil1@luc.edu) – LLC UNIV Instructor

Academic Advisor(s)

Adam McNeil (amcneil1@luc.edu)

Required Courses

Participants will be placed in a specific UNIV 101 course that corresponds with the LLC theme as well as one other core class (“Linked Course”).

General Questions? Email: ResLife@luc.edu