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Leadership for Social Change LLC

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At this time, the Leadership for Social Change LLC has been sunset for the 2023-2024 academic year. We hope to have this LLC as an option for the 2024-2025 academic year. More information regarding joining this LLC will be made available in the Spring Semester

The Leadership for Social Change Living-Learning Community engages students with opportunities to increase their knowledge and skills related to leadership development, and to reflect upon multiple aspects of identity, and personal values. Learning Community members will be encouraged to commit to the development of cultural competence, and to enhance skills to support effective collaboration within group settings. Participants will develop competencies and an increased sense of self-efficacy to support their engagement as agents for positive social change.

At the end of one year in the Leadership for Social Change Living-Learning Community, students will be able to:

1. Define leadership by articulating their own personal definition and the values or experiences that have influenced it

2. Give one or more examples of actions taken to work effectively with others to accomplish a shared goal

3. Describe how one of more of their social identities influence (or have previously influenced) their experiences with leadership

4. Explain something they learned as a result of engaging in a conversation with someone who held a perspective on an issue that differed from their own

5. Give an example of a way in which they have applied knowledge or skills that were (further) developed through participating in an LC class or program

Leadership for Social Change LLC Point of Contact

Dr. Shannon Howes (showes1@luc.edu), Director for Assessment and Assistant to the Vice President of Student Development

Course Instructors

Alma Begičević (abegicevic@luc.edu) – LLC Linked Course Instructor

Shannon Howes (showes1@luc.edu) – LLC UNIV Instructor

Academic Advisor(s)

Dan Carney (dcarney@luc.edu)

Required Courses

Participants will be placed in a specific UNIV 101 course that corresponds with the LLC theme as well as one other core class (“Linked Course”).

General Questions? Email: ResLife@luc.edu