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Multicultural LLC


The Multicultural Living-Learning Community (MC LLC) is home to a diverse community of first-year students who share a passion for exploring issues of diversity and social justice, including race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and more. Members of the community explore their own identity, develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for others, confront the realities of power and privilege, support institutional efforts surrounding college access, and learn to become agents for social change.

At the end of one year in the Multicultural Living-Learning Community, students will be able to:

1. Develop an increased understanding of self and others with regard to socially constructed identities such as: age, religion/spirituality, race/ethnicity, socio-economic status, ability/disability, gender identity and expression, residential status, sexual orientation, in addition to exploring topics of intersectionality power, oppression, and privilege.

2. Reflect on observations and experiences with people from cultures and identities different than one’s own.

3. Differentiate across systemic, historical, institutional, and individual forms of oppression and power.

4. Recognize the intra/interpersonal influence of intersecting identities, including the societal value attributed to both visible and invisible identities, in daily life.

5. Practice interrupting oppressive behavior.

6. Translate personal awareness and knowledge to actions that contribute to a more socially just environment.

7. Challenge and support peers (and other spheres of influence) to seek ways to expand their awareness, knowledge, and positive behavior as it relates to privilege, power, and oppression.

Multicultural LLC Point of Contact

Whitney Kwamin (wkwamin@luc.edu), Program Coordinator, Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs (SDMA)

Course Instructors

Laura Goldstein (lgolds2@luc.edu) – LLC Linked Course Instructor

Rodney Matthews (rmatthews3@luc.edu) – LLC UNIV Instructor

Academic Advisor(s)

Xavier Thomas-Mendoza (xmendoza1@luc.edu)

Required Courses

Participants will be placed in a specific UNIV 101 course that corresponds with the LLC theme as well as one other core class (“Linked Course”).

General Questions? Email: ResLife@luc.edu