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National Security and Civil Liberties Symposium

"National Security Law, Policy and Practice: Are We Safer in 2014 and at What Cost?" February 7, 2014

The appropriate balance between liberty and security is a legally complicated issue that is both socially and politically charged. In the post-9/11 world of diffused, clandestine, and increasingly powerful and asymmetrical threats from non-state actors, the constitutional equilibrium has shifted, but a new paradigm evades definition in the face of continually shifting threats. This inaugural symposium hosted by Loyola's National Security & Civil Rights Program will examine the current state of the constitutional security/liberty equilibrium, including the ongoing developments in the Snowden/NSA revelations; the role of Article III courts; and the economic, political, and moral implications of this debate. A distinguished group of speakers from around the country will explore these topics and discuss the critical role of lawyers in this process.

Anthony Romero, American Civil Liberties Union