Loyola University Chicago

Language Learning Resource Center


To enhance access to authentic and modern foreign language video resources for both classroom instruction and individual viewing, the LLRC operates a satellite dish. This equipment receives foreign language programming from around the world.

The LLRC subscribes to SCOLA, a foreign language broadcasting service which offers news, cultural programs and movies in 80 languages. SCOLA broadcasts these programs 24 hours per day on a schedule which changes weekly. For a look at this week's schedule, go to the SCOLA home page. On a typical day, students may come to the LLRC and watch the SCOLA broadcast that is being shown "live."

The LLRC records selected SCOLA broadcasts on videotape for viewing in the center. If you have a request for recording a specific program, please contact Mr. Pankratz, LLRC Director.

Through December 31, 2005, SCOLA gave Loyola students and faculty a free trial of its Internet news streaming service, which offered news from 80 countries around the globe. If you would like to see this service continued, please contact Mr. Pankratz, LLRC Director.