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Charles (Chuck) Whittingham (BS ’51), an icon of the publishing world best known for his work at LIFE magazine, passed away on March 4 at age 87. A Rogers Park native, Whittingham attended Loyola on a full athletics scholarship to run track and set a school record in the 100-yard dash. After graduating with honors in 1951 he joined the Navy and served on the USS Salem for three years.

Whittingham’s magazine career launched in 1956, when he went to work for Redbook. Three years later, he moved to Fortune magazine, a publication of Time, Inc., where he stayed for 20 years. In 1978, Time, Inc. chose Whittingham to head the relaunch of LIFE, serving as the founding publisher when the magazine resumed its regular publication after six years. The job allowed him to travel and rub elbows with a wide array of celebrities, including organizing the magazine’s 50th anniversary celebration with names like Muhammad Ali, Bob Hope, and Sophia Loren. 

Whittingham also remained an active supporter of Loyola, establishing the Charles A. Whittingham Endowed Scholarship Fund and supporting a number of other initiatives on campus. He also donated to Loyola’s library a valuable collection of first-edition rare books from Chiswick Press, a London-based publishing company founded in the 18th century. In 2010, Loyola honored Whittingham at the annual Founders’ Dinner with the Damen Award.

Brenda Barnes (MBA ’78), former CEO of Sara Lee and PepsiCo, died January 17. After graduating from the Quinlan School of Business, Barnes began climbing the corporate ranks at Pepsi, starting as vice president of marketing in the Frito-Lay division and working her way up to president and CEO of Pepsi-Cola North America in 1996. Only a year later, however, Barnes made national news when she stepped down to spend more time with her three children, who were then ages 7, 8, and 10.

Barnes remained active on various boards until returning to corporate leadership in 2004 with Sara Lee, becoming chairman and CEO. She was regularly ranked among the “World’s 100 Most Powerful Women” by Forbes magazine until her retirement in 2010. Barnes also remained a supporter of Loyola and returned to campus in 2005 for a presentation to more than 200 business students, alumni, and staff.


Elizabeth I. (Johannes) Braham (BS ’40)
Alice L. Corbett (BS ’43)
Mildred C. (Greene) Ogara (MUND ’43)
Patricia (Bledsoe) Cronin (MUND ’44)
Philip A. Casella (MD ’46)
Dean S. McNeil (DDS ’46)
Eunice D. (Dankowski) Lowry (MUND ’47)
Marylou (Lyne) McCloskey (MUND ’47)
Patricia (Lorigan) McGeoghegan (MUND ’47)
Marie H. (Harris) Spradley (PhB ’47)
Muriel (Millar) Theisen (MUND ’47)
Allen H. Weiss (MD ’47)
James F. Ashenden Jr. (JD ’48)
Helen C. (Maloney) Calhoun (MUND ’48)
Mary H. (Heinz) Garzoni (MUND ’48)
Patricia J. (Runkle) Kelly (MUND ’48, MEd ’60)
Arthur P. LeBeau (MD ’48)
Virginia M. (Jacob) Nash (MUND ’48)
Corinne L. (Otto) Oberwise (MUND ’48)
Agnes Robst (PhB ’48)
Mary Brudny (BS ’49, MA ’57)
Alva Dean Cook Jr. (MD ’49)
Joseph C. Cwick Jr. (BS ’49)
William J. Donnelly (MD ’49)
Mary L. (Merrick) McDonnell (MUND ’49)
Harry E. Moroni (BSC ’49)
Mary Ellen (Howard) Smego (MUND ’49)


Gregory A. Conners (BS ’50, MEd ’71)
Robert P. Lambert (BS ’50)
Marguerite (Kerger) Lemont (MUND ’50)
Richard F. Streitz (DDS ’50)
James E. Sheeran (BSEd ’51)
Frank O. Zidek, DDS (BS ’51)
Joseph B. Abel (BS ’52)
Dolores R. Boeving (MUND ’52)
Eugene F. Byrne (BS ’52)
John J. Foley (BS ’52, MD ’56)
Gust C. Kouzes (BSC ’52)
Jacqueline (Connaughton) Norris (MUND ’52)
James T. McDonald (JD ’53)
Anne Ragan (MSW ’53)
Joseph C. Weimer (MD ’53)
Nanette Campbell (MUND ’54)
Margaret L. Haas (MUND ’54)
Helen M. (Sweeney) Hennessy (MUND ’54)
Joseph M. Madden (BSC ’54)
Thomas A. McDermott (MD ’54)
Harry J. O’Kane (JD ’54)
Frank P. Prokop (MD ’54)
Jay J. Scherer (BSC ’54)
Donald T. Dhein (MD ’55)
Mary K. Dowd (MA ’55)
Charles D. Hafner (MD ’55)
William M. Jordan (MEd ’55)
Alice Kazaglis (BSEd ’55)
Eleanor E. (Adler) Pagano (MUND ’55)
Virginia M. Shahrok (MD ’55)
Joseph A. Weber (BSC ’55)
Jerome P. Morrissy (BS ’56, MSIR ’61)
A. Charles Backer (DDS ’57)
John W. Baron (BS ’57, MD ’61)
Joan L. (Kies) Kun (MUND ’57)
George L. Wenzel (MEd ’57)
George A. Collias (JD ’58)
Mackinnon Hinckley (DDS ’58)
James P. Cahill (MD ’59)
John J. Caulfield (JD ’59)
John L. Dolce (DDS ’59)
Thomas A. Dowd (BSC ’59, JD ’63)
Andrew Fetler (BS ’59)
Joseph J. Picciuca Jr. (BSC ’59)
Charles F. Thometz (DDS ’58)


Josephine (Concetta) Iffert (BSEd ’60, MEd ’68)
Bernard A. Widen, DDS (MDS ’60)
Patricia R. Bozis (MUND ’61)
John P. Coughlin (MD ’61)
Gerard V. Farenga (BS ’61)
Elizabeth L. Kiriazis (MUND ’61)
Leroy J. Wood (BBA ’61)
Eugene H. Zylinski, DDS (MDS ’61)
Lucia Barba (BS ’62)
Robert C. Clawson (PhD ’62)
Patricia J. (Manning) Green (MUND ’62)
Jan R. Koronkowski (BBA ’62)
Kathleen E. (Kennedy) Knudsen (MUND ’62)
Joyce R. Malleck (MUND ’62)
John D. Saletta (MD ’62)
William J. Connell III (JD ’64)
Edward M. Cialkowski (DDS ’64)
John D. Gagin (BS ’61, MSIR ’64)
Therese J. (Carmel) Jacobs (MUND ’64)
James E. Lowth (DDS ’64)
Stan R. Surdy (MEd ’64)
John Joseph Bikus Jr. (BBA ’65)
John W. Darrah (BS ’65, JD ’69)
Helen Lee Davis (MEd ’65)
Berthold Demsch (MSW ’65)
Joseph C. Flynn (MD ’65)
James J. Migala (MD ’65)
Jon T. Smith (MD ’65)
Elaine E. (Krol) Thompson (BSN ’65)
Raymond G. Carey (MA ’66, PhD ’71)
John W. Cuozzo, DDS (MDS ’66)
John M. Ferrero Jr. (BS ’66)
Kenneth J. Kerber (BBA ’66)
Ronald William Landry (BS ’66)
Mary Dunford (BSN ’67)
Charles Edward Samec (MA ’67)
Joseph W. Thomas (BS ’67)
Kathleen A. (Dinovo) Tomusiak (MUND ’67)
James W. White (BS ’67)
Philip J. Bakes Jr. (BA ’68)
Charles F. Gaul (MSIR ’68)
Aldric C. Belchak (MRE ’69)
Marilyn E. Butler (BA ’69)
Russell A. Gunderson (BS ’69)
Thomas G. Kass (BA ’69, PhD ’89)


Sr. Dolores M. Koza (MRE ’70)
William Michael O’Connor (BA ’70)
Bennie J. Patillo (MEd ’71)
Lois I. Romano (BSN ’71)
John A. Bauer (MBA ’72)
Anthony V. Fasano (PhD ’72)
Mary A. Peter (BA ’72)
Paul E. Loranger (BA ’72)
Arthur W. Schlenkert (JD ’72)
Patrick C. Sulak (BBA ’72)
Louise Beem (MEd ’73)
Richard J. Burgess (MBA ’73)
Daniel A. Aljinovic (BA ’74)
Kathleen (Cassidy) Lemense (BA ’74)
Barry M. Storter, MD (LUHS Resident ’74)
John H. Brechin (JD ’75)
Mary Ann (Profita) Fabrish (MUND ’75)
Rachel Karlin (JD ’75)
Sarah Lobl (MSW ’75)
Dorothy (Daniels) Parker (MUND ’75)
Catherine F. Rollings (JFRC ’75)
Margo B. (Lallak) Lacosse (BA ’76)
Charles E. Samec (PhD ’76)
David J. McKay (MA ’77, PhD ’84)
Sean B. McCourt (BA ’77)
Susan M. (Bruce) Mizula (BSN ’77)
Richard P. Ryan (BA ’77, JD ’80)
Sylvia Smith (MUND ’77)
Norman D. Sage (MBA ’78)
Cynthia M. Tumpa (BSN ’78)
James D. Izzo (DDS ’79)
Kenneth A. Morris (MBA ’79)
David E. O’Neil (BA ’79)


Kathryn A. Everman (MSN ’80)
Ronald G. Kapolnek (BBA ’80)
Jacqueline H. Barkauskas (BBA ’81)
Ellen H. Bednarz (MBA ’81)
Paul A. Bumblis (MBA ’81)
John G. Cook (MBA ’81)
Susan Lans (Mallinckrodt ’82)
Kenneth W. Amoroso (BBA ’82)
James T. Horan (MA ’82)
Glenn A. Sauter (MBA ’82)
Patricia J. (Rosen) Petersen (JD ’83)
Patricia T. Brennan (MA ’84)
Barbara M. (Peller) Skypala (MUND ’84)
Michael G. White (MD ’84)
William P. Kinsella (MBA ’87)
Patricia A. Lenzini (BA ’87)
Dominic V. Marrese (MBA ’87)
Patrick J. Kelly (BS ’88)
Robert H. McTague III (JFRC ’88-’89)
Deborah R. Wright (Provi (BBA ’89)


Kathy M. Crain (MBA ’90)
M. Susan M. Star (MBA ’90)
H. John Lund (BA ’93)
Malinee Yindee (MS ’93)
Theresa Hrastnik (MUND ’94, MSW ’96, MUND ’00)
Casimir H. Kaczynski (MUND ’95)
Sheila T. Romano (EdD ’99)


Lesley A. Foreman (MSW ’07)


Jordan A. Singer (BBA ’10)
Sandra K. Willsie (MA ’10)
Felipe Mejia (BA ’11)