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Loyola Chicago Retiree Association (LUCRA)

Sharing Our Expertise

The following retired faculty have indicated their availability to share their expertise with students, colleagues and organizations inside and outside Loyola by:

1. guest lecturing in classrooms

2. giving speeches

3. serving on panels

4. conducting workshops

5  serving on boards

6.  providing consultation

Contact information follows each entry.

 Erwin Epstein:  Dr. Epstein is available for consultation on developing programs in comparative and international education, international education studies, and Latin American studies.  At Loyola he established the Center for Comparative Education, and before coming to Loyola was Director of the Title VI Center for International Studies at the Ohio State University. 

Ann Harrington,BVM:  Japan's Hidden Christians: Refers to those Japanese who converted to Christianity when it was forbidden in Japan (end of 17th to the late19th century), who went underground to practiced their Christian religion secretly with limited knowledge for some two hundred years. What was their belief when they were re-discovered?
     The First Roman Catholic Women Religious to go to Japan were French. They went in the last quarter of the nineteenth century to teach or do hospital work at the invitation of the Paris Foreign Mission priests who were doing the proselytizing.
     History of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVMs). They began in Dublin in the 1820s and came to United States to teach Irish immigrants in Philadelphia in1833 at the invitation of an Irish priest. From Philadelphia they went on to Dubuque, Iowa in 1843 at the invitation of the bishop of Dubuque, Matthias Loras.
     Jesuit-BVM Historical Connections from the beginnings until today. aharri1@luc.edu

Mary Ann McDermott:  : Programs/Consultation  Self Care for Nurses Through the Arts; Multigenerations in the health organization workplace;  Creative Teaching Strategies; Learning Style Assessment;  Health, Hope and Healing on the Tiber: The Fatebenefratelli Hospital and St. Bartholemew Basillica; Nurses in Churches.  maryannmcdermott@msn.com

Jon Nilson:  contemporary Roman Catholic theology; current church events in theological perspective; ecumenism; black theology; racism as a theological issue.  Nilson, Jon Jnilson@luc.edu

Timothy O’Connell:  Professional ethics, especially related to university teaching, psychotherapy and counseling, Business ethics, Strategies for developing and supporting ethical behavior.  Also goals and approaches related to university faculty support and development. toconne@luc.edu 

Marilyn Susman:  Best Practices in Counseling Supervision:  This program can be an individual presentation on topics such as: The Role and Function of the Supervisor, Developmental Stages of Supervision, Theoretical Models of Supervision or Assessing Supervisory Efficacy.  In addition, a multi session training workshop can be developed to assist organizations to increase supervisory efficacy. 
     Cross Cultural Training in Counseling and Supervision:  This program describes the cross cultural counseling and supervision projects developed in Malaysia, Cyprus and Indonesia through the Fulbright Senior Scholar and Specialists programs.  Each program had particular elements that addressed the needs of the counselors and psychologists in country.  How to create alliances, assess the needs of the participants, develop the format and modules and evaluate the projects will be discussed. 
     Addressing Anxiety in the Workplace:  This program explores the underlying personal and organizational issues that create anxiety in the workplace and describes methods of addressing them.  Through consultation with leaders, models for organizational change are considered.  In workshops, individual employees learn how to manage their stress. marilynsus@aol.com