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Science and Faith Catalog

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The companion catalog to LUMA’s past exhibition Science and Faith: Rare Books from the Libraries of Campania from XVI to XVIII Centuries.

This exhibition of the Roman Catholic Church's Index of Forbidden Books (librorum prohibitorum) and rare volumes listed in the Index from 1550 to 1750 focused on scientific and religious books banned by the Church following the Counter Reformation. Often beautifully illustrated, these volumes are written by famed authors such as Girolamo Cardano, Copernicus, Dun Scotus, Euclid, Galileo and Girolamo Savonarola. Curated by Dr. Roberto Severino, Professor Emeritus of Classical History at Georgetown University, and Dr. Loredana Conti, Superintendent of Libraries, Regione Campania, Italy, the exhibition includes books from the Biblioteca Universitaria di Napoli, Biblioteca Provinciale di Salerno, Biblioteca S. Francesco del Convento di San Francesco and Biblioteca Landolfo Caracciolo. In English and Italian.