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Expanding Horizons: Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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Product Description:

By: Ann M. Harrignton (Author)

In this account of the leadership of BVMs Isabella Kane (1919–1931) and Gervase Tuffy (1931–1943), Ann explores how the spirit of BVM foundress Mary Frances Clarke shaped the direction of the congregation in the 24 years between the first and second World Wars.

“The portraits of seven BVMs grace one end of the main corridor of the Mount Carmel motherhouse in Dubuque, Iowa,” notes BVM Secretary of the Congregation Regina M. Qualls, who wrote the book’s foreword. “In her most recent work, the portraits of Isabella Kane and Gervase Tuffy come to life as Ann recounts the significant events in the first half of the 20th century which, surprisingly, have a very familiar feel.

"BVM mission and ministry are reflected in the stories of these two leaders through Ann’s seven years of archival research at the Gannon Center for Women and Leadership (Loyola University Chicago) and the Mount Carmel Archives, plus first-hand accounts of those years by living BVMs.

“The apparent serenity seen in their portraits seems remarkable in light of the challenges faced by Isabella Kane and Gervase Tuffy,” Regina writes. “We are grateful to Ann Harrington and all BVM historians who have expanded our horizons, allowing us to see our past, and perhaps our future, in a new light.”