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E. D. Ward, A Mercurial Bear: Edward Gorey Sticker Kit

Members: $17.95 / Non-Members: $19.95

Product Description:

Meet E. D. Ward! He is called a “mercurial bear” because he likes to change clothes constantly to reflect his changing moods and fantasies. With this sticker kit, you can help him transform into numerous characters and have worldwide adventures: Will he travel to Moscow in his fur Cossack coat or to Mesoamerica in his Aztec warrior garb? Will he dress as an Ivy League letterman or relax in his pj’s? This kit contains dozens of other outfit possibilities, including a corset and tutu, a flowing Japanesque pantsuit, bloomers, and a suit of armor. Accessory choices are just as rich—hats, footwear, fans, an embroidered Spanish shawl, a wrapped bandage, a beaded purse, and much more.

E. D. Ward’s alter ego, Edward St. John Gorey (1925–2000), was a prolific author and illustrator of more than one hundred published works. He also was a graduate of Harvard who took refuge in large fur coats during cold New York winters and frequently attended the ballet. Happy stickering!