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What is LUROP?

Who we are

The Loyola Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (LUROP) coordinates the application process and additional communications between various fellowship programs across Loyola University.

What we do

LUROP provides access to funding from across the university. The office oversees the applications for 17 distinct fellowship opportunities unique to Loyola and solely for its undergraduate students. We also provide guidance on how to become engaged in research and how to start and develop a relationship with a research mentor. Finally we also provide numerous workshops throughout the academic year focused on applying for funding and presenting ones research. We interact with both faculty and students to help facilitate and enhance the research experience for the Loyola undergraduate community.

What we believe

LUROP believes that any student at Loyola who wants to engage in research should be able to pursue the opportunity and be rewarded for their work.

We believe that research is a deep and experiential learning experience that expands students critical thinking skills and understanding of their specific research interests.

We believe that a key aspect of the research experience is sharing ones work and strong support the Undergraduate Research and Engagement Symposium as well as encourage students to share their work at professional conferences outside of Loyola.

We believe all majors should have access to meaningful research experiences and promote research opportunities across campus.

For Students

Find out how you can get involved with undergraduate research on campus, including how to find a mentor, how to join a research project, how to apply, and how to locate funding here.

If you are currently participating in research at Loyola, present your project at the annual Undergraduate Research and Engagement Symposium! Find out more and register for the symposium here.

For Mentors

Find resources, forms, and guidelines for supporting undergraduate researchers at our mentors homepage here.