Loyola University Chicago

Undergraduate Research

Center for Engaged Learning, Teaching, and Scholarship (CELTS)

Application Suggestions


1. Remember the deadline is Friday, March 1st. You can submit your application as late as 11:59 pm.

2. Remember that if you require a letter of recommendation (all except WISER), your letter writer should submit that letter of rec. by March 8th. You will send them an electronic request within your own online application.

3. Remember to review your program(s) on the LUROP Fellowship page and, even better, on the program webpage if they have one, to make sure your application fits what they are looking for.

4. Remember you can submit applications for multiple fellowships. If you win two or more concurrent fellowships, you will have to pick one.

5. Make sure your application documents are clear, straightforward, and well-written. Revise them, read them out loud to listen for errors, have your friends proofread them, and revise them again.

6. If you have to write an abstract (a brief description of the research), check out the guides for writing abstracts on this page, and check out the old programs at the bottom of this research symposium page for examples of abstracts.

7. If you are asked to submit a research description, please note that this is basically a longer, more detailed version of your abstract (although you don't want to be redundant). Go into detail on what exactly you and your mentor will do and why, and remember, you are trying to convince reviewers not only that your project deserves funding, but also, in a way, that you do.

8. If prompted to submit a budget, be as specific and realistic as you can in the space given. You can spend that budget on supplies and conference travel.  Again, consult with your mentor if you haven't already.

9. If you are prompted to submit a literature cited page, upload a short bibliography listing some of the key secondary sources (like scholarly articles or books about your subject) that you might rely on.  Consult with your proposed mentor if you have any questions.

10. If you are prompted to submit any permits or approvals, such as IRB approval, ask your proposed mentor if your project requires them. They may not apply to you. If they do and are not yet in place, it's ok to upload a document stating when and how you will begin the process of applying for those.


Above all, if you have any questions, consult with your mentor, the contact person for the program to which you are applying, or me at lurop@luc.edu. And if you know any current or former LUROP Fellows, they may also be able to give you some advice. They may be able to help you put together the strongest possible application(s).