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Information for Faculty


The objectives of the Loyola Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (LUROP) are twofold. First, the Center for Experiential Learning wants to provide our undergraduate students with excellent research experiences. Second, while we recognize that this type of mentoring always requires a great deal of time and effort on the part of the faculty member, the experience should be beneficial to his/her research program. Research has shown that student success and satisfaction with undergraduate research experiences are strongly connected with the quality of their mentoring partnership.

It is not only students who benefit from these relationships; faculty find mentoring to be one of the most rewarding aspects of their careers, as seen from reflections from two LUROP faculty mentors:

"Working together with students on research projects is one of my greatest pleasures as a faculty member. Their enthusiasm and creative ideas make it exciting for me to come into the lab, and they contribute significantly to the progress of our research. "  —Dr. Jeffrey Doering, Biology

"One of my greatest joys as a Loyola professor has been working with highly talented and motivated undergraduate students who are interested in undertaking special research projects...I truly enjoy viewing a topic I presume to know well through the eyes of my students, who always bring a fresh and unique perspective."  —Dr. Peter J. Schraeder, Political Science

Faculty roles vary considerably by program. However, most LUROP fellowships require these components:

  • The student must find and approach a faculty member to serve as a mentor.
  • The faculty member must agree to serve as a mentor based on similar research interests, whether as part of the faculty research project or as a mentor to help guide a student in his or her own independent research.
  • Each faculty mentor must complete the faculty support letter as part of the application package.