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Old Provost Application FAQs

You can conduct either a summer project or an academic year project. Academic year projects should run both semesters. Students in the hard sciences are only eligible for the summer session. You will need to state which project session you are applying for on your application. Your faculty mentor must approve the timeline.

Yes, a key component of this undergraduate research experience is the collaboration with a Loyola faculty mentor, who must contribute to the application process as well as mentoring you on the research itself.  It is the student's responsibility to find a mentor, and most students find a mentor by asking professors they had in class or lab, or by searching through department websites to find professors who specialize in the appropriate field.

You should approach a faculty member who is interested in an area similar to yours, or if you don't know about their research, speak with someone in your major department about your interests.

This is designed to be a collaboration between one student and a faculty mentor. However, if the faculty member is willing to have more than one student researcher, it can be allowed. Each student will need to apply for the fellowship individually, with a separate letter of support from the faculty mentor.

The deadline is firm. If you miss the deadline, you will need to wait to apply for the following year or for a different LUROP program with a different deadline.

You can apply for the Provost Fellowship any year that you are eligible, sophomore through senior year. If you receive a fellowship, you are still eligible to apply for the next year, as well.

The stipend is issued in 3 installments: an initial award of $250, an installment of $500 mid-way through the summer or academic year research session, and a final award of $250 upon presentation at the Undergraduate Research Symposium in the spring semester.