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Current Fellows

Congratulations on being awarded a LUROP Fellowship! While many fellowships have their own individual requirements, all LUROP Fellows are expected to work directly with a mentor, make progress on their research project, and present their research at the annual Undergraduate Research and Engagement Symposium during Loyola’s Weekend of Excellence.

See below for requirements for LUROP fellows. Funding may be delayed or rescinded if fellowship requirements are not met, so please read carefully and contact the LUROP Office or your fellowship program director with any questions.

Fellowship Requirements

The LUROP office directly administers the Community Research Fellowship, Interdisciplinary Research Fellowship, Provost Fellowship, Social Innovation/Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship, and Social Justice Research Fellowship. Students who have been awarded one of these research fellowships must submit completed W9 and tax certificate forms to the LUROP office by the end of the spring semester.

W9 Form

Tax Certificate Form

Students who have been awarded one of the other undergraduate research fellowships should contact the program director of their fellowship for more information about required paperwork or financial forms.

Please contact the LUROP Office with any questions.

All LUROP Fellows must complete and submit a signed Learning Agreement by the first week of the fall semester. Using the Learning Agreement, work with your mentor to establish guidelines, expectations, and goals for your research fellowship experience. Submit your completed Learning Agreement via email to lurop@luc.edu (include your last name and fellowship in the subject line) or in person at the Center for Experiential Learning in Sullivan 295.  

Students who have received the Community Research Fellowship, Interdisciplinary Research Fellowship, Provost Fellowship, Social Innovation/Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship, or Social Justice Research Fellowship are required to submit progress reports directly to the LUROP Office. Students who have been awarded other fellowship should check with their fellowship program director for expectations and guidelines for progress reports.


Progress reports should take the form of a Learning Portfolio created through Taskstream-TK20. You can find tutorials for creating your Learning Portfolio here. To submit your progress report, email the link to your Learning Portfolio to lurop@luc.edu and your research mentor with “Fellowship Progress Report” as the subject line.

To complete your portfolio after the Undergraduate Research & Engagement Symposium, please upload your presentation as an artifact in a separate tab.


  1. What research have you done so far, what obstacles have you encountered (and how did you address them), what work do you have left to do, and what, if any, future plans you have for the project? Please include any data you feel is most relevant.
  2. What have you learned in the process of conducting your research under your mentor? What skills have you learned, and what have you learned about yourself as well as your research topic? Has this undergraduate research experience informed your future plans beyond Loyola? How?
  3. What would you say has been the most valuable aspect of the research fellowship experience so far and why? Based on your experience so far, in what way would you change the Provost Fellowship to make it a more valuable experience for you?
  4. Is there any other information you want to share about this mentored research experience?


Progress reports must be completed and submitted by the following dates in order to receive the second fellowship stipend payment.

September 30th: Summer Progress Portfolios Due

January 30th: Academic Year Progress Portfolios Due

All LUROP Fellows are required to present their research at the annual Undergraduate Research and Engagement Symposium as part of Loyola’s Weekend of Excellence. You will not receive your final award payment until you present your research at the symposium or make alternative arrangements with Undergraduate Research Program Manager.

We also encourage LUROP Fellows to explore other opportunities to present, publish, and share your research, including the Chicago Area Undergraduate Research Symposium. Ask your mentor about conferences, professional journals, and other opportunities to share your research with your field or discipline.

March 1st: Application deadline for all LUROP Fellowship programs except for the Center for Urban Research and Learning Fellowship (applications accepted year-round) and the Ricci Scholars Program (applications are due November 15th).

March 17th: Registration deadline for the 2019 Undergraduate Research & Engagement Symposium.

April 13th: The 2019 Undergraduate Research & Engagement Symposium is held during the annual Weekend of Excellence.

April: Orientation meetings for new undergraduate research fellows. New fellows should turn in required documents for their fellowships, including the W9 and tax certificate forms, by the end of the semester.

May: Final summer and academic year payments are distributed.

June: Initial summer payments are distributed.

First Week of Fall Semester: Turn in signed and completed Learning Agreement.

September 15th: Academic year payments are distributed.

September 30th: Summer progress reports due.

January 30th: Academic year progress reports due.

February: Academic year payments distributed.