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Undergraduate Research

Center for Engaged Learning, Teaching, and Scholarship (CELTS)

Research at Loyola

The Loyola Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (LUROP) offers research fellowships for undergraduate students in any discipline and promotes collaborative research among students, faculty, staff, graduate students, and community partners. LUROP is the collection of programs for funded undergraduate research fellowship opportunities that provide undergraduate students with high-quality, comprehensive experiences in conducting primary research across the disciplines. Through the many different opportunities offered by LUROP, students work directly with faculty and/or graduate students on their research, acquiring skills and knowledge about their field. LUROP supports undergraduate researchers throughout year through workshops, programs, and professional development opportunities, culminating in the annual Undergraduate Research and Engagement Symposium.

Participating in undergraduate research allows students to take advantage of experiential learning opportunities often reserved for graduate students and to become part of a community of scholars. Loyola students value their participation in research because they are able to build relationships with faculty and graduate student mentors in their field of study while gaining valuable experience in conducting research through direct participation in research projects. LUROP enables students to expand their academic experiences, engage real world problems, and prepare for graduate school and professional careers beyond Loyola.