Loyola University Chicago


Loyola Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program • Center for Experiential Learning

Ricci Scholars, 2013-14

Christopher Benson

Year: Junior

Major(s): History, Anthropology/Sociology

Mentor: Ghazzal, Zouhair

Department: History

Project Title: The Culture of Compliance

Jennifer Burghard

Year: Junior

Major(s): Elementary Education

Mentor: Sobe, Noah

Department: Education

Project Title: Wired World: Studying the Usage of Technology in the Classroom Across Cultures

Zachary Davis

Year: Junior

Major(s): Philosophy, Theology

Mentor: Agliardo, Michael, S.J.

Department: Sociology

Project Title:


Virginia Jreisat

Year: Junior

Major(s): Human Services, Psychology

Mentor: Huntsinger, Jeffrey

Department: Psychology

Project Title:

William Steffek

Year: Junior

Major(s): International Business

Mentor: Regan, Thomas

Department: Philosophy

Project Title: Cross-Cultural Comparisons in Italian and Chinese Households

Corinne Whitaker

Year: Junior

Major(s): Economics, English

Mentor: Whidden, Christopher

Department: Undergraduate Curriculum

Project Title: Vegetarian and Vegan Food Choice Ideology as a Reflection of Cultural Ideals

Taha Zaffar

Year: Junior

Major(s): Psychology, Social Work

Mentor: Leon, Scott

Department: Psychology

Project Title: An Insight into the Barriers, Support Systems, and Attitudes of Italian and Chinese Citizens Surrounding the Search for Employment