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Loyola Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program • Center for Experiential Learning

2018 Research & Engagement Award Winners

2017-2018 Research & Engagement Awards

Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award Winners

Maria Blanco

DANC 398: Undergraduate Research in Dance
Amy Wilkinson

Maria Blanco is a dance and sociology double major who connected her own sociological research about women of color’s relationship with their hair, through an artistic dance piece entitled Razor Burn.

Diana Ahmad
Social Justice Fellowship
Dr. Becky Silton

 Diana Ahmad researched the relationship between religiosity and well-being in Muslim-American College Students through a social justice fellowship.

Angela Andaleon
Carbon Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Dr. Heather Wheeler

Angela Andaleon worked in Dr. Wheeler’s lab in computational human genomics, studying the genetic architecture underlying lipid traits in diverse populations, as part of the prestigious Carbon Fellowship.

Talal Al-Assil
Mulcahy Scholars Fellowship
Dr. Wei-Tsung Lee

Talal Al-Assil worked in Dr. Lee’s inorganic chemistry lab focusing his research on three fields: coordination of chemistry for bioinorganic molecules, inorganic catalysis in renewable energy, and medicinal inorganic chemistry.

Mariana Felix-Kim
ENVS 391: Environmental Research
Dr. Tham Hoang

Mariana Felix-Kim focused her research on microplastic consumption with the Institute for Environmental Sustainability.

Nicole Spehn
Mulcahy Scholars Fellowship
Dr. Brian Ohsowski

Nicole Spehn worked in the Institute of Environmental Sustainability through the Mulcahy Scholars Fellowship to explore the ecological role muskrats play in the Great Lakes coastal wetlands.

Luke Landry and Kevin White
ENVS 395: Environmental Internship
Fr. Stephen Mitten

Luke Landry and Kevin White conducted biodiversity research as a team at the Loyola University Research and Ecology Campus (LUREC) with Fr. Stephen Mitten.

Jake Wild
BIOL 398: Research Internship
Fr. Stephen Mitten

Jake Wild supported research initiatives in the Division of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine at Lurie Children’s Hospital, focusing on pediatric injuries.

Loyola University Libraries Undergraduate Research Paper Award

First Place

Nicholas Bulthuis
BIOL 319: Evolution

“Aliens Among Us: The Evolution of Squids”

Second Place

Jessica Talwar
Independent Study 380: Newberry

“‘The Brave and Mighty Warriors Sing’: Mysticism, Militarization, and the Formation of a Sikh Nation”

Mary Therese Langerbeck Award for Undergraduate Research Mentoring

Dr. Rebecca Silton

Dr. Miguel Ballicora
Chemistry and Biochemistry

Alice B. Hayes Award for Advising and Mentoring

Dr. Minerva Ahumada
Arrupe College

Dr. David Doherty
Political Science

Community Engagement Award for Social Justice

Kaitlin Holmbeck
PSYC 390: Internship in Human Services
Dr. Maryse Richards

Domestic Violence Legal Clinic

Community Engagement Award for Impact

Levvin Juarez
COMP 391: Internship in Computer Science
Dr. Robert Yacobellis

Chicago Public Schools

Lauren Weiss
PSYC 390: Internship in Human Services
Dr. Maryse Richards


Community Engagement Award for Innovation in Sustainability 

Leah Vasarhelyi
ENVS 395: Integrative Environmental Seminar
Dr. Christopher Peterson

Natural Resources Defense Council

Luke Landry and Kevin White
ENVS 395: Integrative Environmental Seminar
Fr. Stephen Mitten

Friends of Hackmatac’s Monarch Coalition

Community Engagement Award for Solidarity

Olivia Niosi
ENVS 350F: Solutions to Environmental Problems
Dr. Tania Schusler

Phoenix Bean

Community Partner Award for Coeducation

Lakeview Pantry

Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital
Division of Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine