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Mathematics and Statistics

MS in Applied Statistics

Armed with quantitative evidence, statisticians have the ability to influence and drive the decision making process using 'big data' and analytics in a variety of organizations.

The Master of Science (MS) in Applied Statistics is ideal for recent graduates looking to make a career in data science and/or predictive modelling. Many students come from programs in the quantitative and biological sciences, psychology, business, and education, as well as for working professionals who are looking to break into a new career.

Students can choose from two specializations:

  • Biostatistics—includes the areas of Statistical Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Classical Biostatistics
  • General Applied Statistics—includes non-medical applications to Actuarial, Commercial, Environmental, Industrial, and National Defense areas

Nationwide, more jobs in the field exist that do qualified individuals to fill them. General applied statisticians and biostatisticians are seeing unprecedented career opportunities. See our Job Placement page for more info.

Further Information

Further information about the Applied Statistics program may be found here at the Graduate Program Director's home page.

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