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Mathematics and Statistics


Who must take ALEKS?

Generally, only students who have a link to ALEKS in their LOCUS Next Stop portlet or in LOCUS in the Enterprise Menu need to take ALEKS. 

Specifically, aall students without the appropriate college-level credit who are enrolling in MATH 100, 117, 118, 131 or MATH 161 (Calculus or Calculus-track math courses) must complete the ALEKS placement assessment.  The majors that need to take these math courses are listed here. [Link to web page of majors: Math Placement Programs.docx.]  Any student who fails Math 117 or MATH 118 twice in a row will have to retake the ALEKS assessment bundle and pay $25 to do so.

To recap, to enroll in MATH 100, 117, 118, 131, or 161, you must either:

  • Have successfully completed (C- or above) the prerequisite course or higher, or
  • Place at the necessary level on the ALEKS Placement Test within the last year.

If this is the student’s second ALEKS assessment at LUC, the student must pay $25 online to take ALEKS.

(The “within the last year” rule exists because people forget math much like people forget a language if they stop using it.)


It is recommended that all transfer students who have appropriate transfer credit take the assessment if they need additional math courses. If the score on the assessment indicates a lack of preparedness for the course, the student should apply themselves to mastering the topics in the ALEKS Learning Module and take the reassessments until they have the appropriate score.


What if I change my major? 

Contact the HUB. Tell them you have switched your major from x to y.  Confirm with the HUB or your advisor that your new major requires ALEKS.  Then request access to ALEKS.


I am still not sure if I need to take ALEKS.  What should I do?

Contact an advisor.  


I took the AP Calculus exam.  Do I still have to take ALEKS?

If you are registering prior to the date when the AP results are known, and you are planning on pursuing a major that requires one or more of the above math courses, you must take ALEKS prior to registration.


When do I take ALEKS?

  • Students entering in the Fall must complete the ALEKS assessment AFTER May 1 and BEFORE attending New Student Orientation, ideally, six (6) weeks prior to New Student Orientation.  Then you will have the opportunity to obtain the full benefit from the Learning Module.
  • Students entering in the Spring must complete the ALEKS assessment AFTER May 1 and BEFORE attending Mid-Year Orientation, ideally, six (6) weeks prior to Mid-Year Orientation.  Then you will have the opportunity to obtain the full benefit from the Learning Module.
  • Current Loyola students who need to register for MATH 100, 117, 118,131 or 161 must complete the ALEKS assessment prior to being advised.


How long do I have to complete the ALEKS assessment?

The ALEKS assessment must be completed within 48 hours after you log into the assessment.  That allows you to log off and log back in at the same question.  Placement assessments require approximately 90 minutes to complete, but the amount of time will vary by student. There will be a maximum of 30 questions. After 48 hours an unfinished assessment will timeout and all your answers on that attempt are lost.  An unfinished assessment will not count as an assessment and does not count against you.  You can immediately begin a new assessment.


How much does the ALEKS assessment cost?

Your ALEKS score is valid only for one year prior to enrollment in a math course.  If you take the ALEKS assessment, you need to enroll in math class within one year of your highest placement score.  LUC pays for the first ALEKS bundle: 5 assessments and a six month access to your individualized learning module.  If you do not enroll in a math class within twelve (12) months of your highest assessment, you will have to pay $25 online in order to receive a second bundle composed of five assessments and a six-month learning module.  Again, the assessment score would be valid for twelve months.

Students receive the ALEKS assessment bundle free for use during one twelve month span of time running from May 1 to April 30 of the next year. If more than twelve (12) months pass since the successful completion of a prerequisite math course or since the ALEKS assessment score, there is a $25 fee to access the ALEKS assessment bundle again.


Where do I take the ALEKS assessment?

Students take the ALEKS assessment from home by logging into the luc.edu/LOCUS.

  • Please enter your LUC UVID (username) and your password.
  • The UVID corresponds to the letters appearing before "@luc.edu" in your Loyola University Chicago email address.
  • After logging into LOCUS,
  • New Students: Look within the Next Stop portlet (example below).  You will see the link to ALEKS there.

  • Returning Students: Look in the Enterprise Menu (example below). You will see the link to ALEKS there.