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Mathematics and Statistics


Your Score on the ALEKS Assessment

Immediately after completing the ALEKS Assessment, you will be shown a pie chart which indicates your score on the ALEKS Assessment. The percentage score above the pie chart area is your ALEKS score (e.g., Placement Result: 93%).


What Math Course am I Eligible to Take?

Please refer to the chart below for course placement.  

ALEKS Score            


Math 100 – Intermediate Algebra


Math 117 – Precalculus I


Math 118 – Precalculus II


Math 131 – Applied Calculus

 TBA and above

Math 161 – Calculus


How can I find my ALEKS score after taking the assessment?

You can log back in to the ALEKS math placement website to view the pie chart (View Previous Results) at a later time. Clicking on the subject headings in the pie chart will allow you to view topics you are ready to learn.

What can I do if I am not satisfied with my score?

Students receive four (4) assessments after the initial one. Your highest assessment score is the one used for placement.  In order to take a reassessment you must spend three (3) hours in the Learning Module and wait twenty-four (24) hours after the previous assessment ended. Students do improve their score after they utilize the Learning Module to work on their math skills.

Access to the Learning Module lasts only six (6) months after you have begun the Learning Module.


If you have earned the minimum score needed to register for your desired course, congratulations!  Please use the Learning Module to learn more math and so that your class will be easier for you.  Incoming students will enroll in your math class during orientation.  Returning students can enroll in LOCUS.

If you need any assistance with your math course selection, please contact your academic advisor.