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Special Lecture on Geometry and Math Education

Special Lecture on Geometry and Math Education

The department is very pleased to announce the forthcoming lecture by Zalman Usiskin. It will have a strong mathematics as well as mathematics education focus. I encourage all of you to attend. The talks will be aimed at undergraduates, especially those interested in education. 

Refreshments at 4:00 followed by the talk at 4:30, in Cuneo Hall, Room 311 


Speaker: Zalman Usiskin (University of Chicago)

Director of the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project and recipient of the Mathematics Education Trust Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Title: The Shape of Geometry and the Geometry of Shape

Abstract: In recent decades, the high school geometry curriculum has been influenced by transformations, coordinates, applications, and technology. Each of these influences can change the way one thinks about geometry as a subject to be taught and learned. In particular, these influences affect the shapes that are studied in geometry and so the *shape of geometry* is related to the *geometry of shape*.