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Mathematics and Statistics at URES 2017

Mathematics and Statistics at URES 2017

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is proud to have had a number of students participate in the Undergraduate Research Symposium this past weekend. Students' research had a variety of focuses. While some undergraduates focused on their second majors such as physics, psychology, and chemistry, others had projects on pure math such as combinatorics as well as statistics. Take a look at the photos of our students participating in the Weekend of Excellence.

Some of the Mathematics/Statistics Students and their Presentations

 Congratulations to all of the student presenters from the weekend (below)! Their project titles and descriptions can be found in the URES Program here!

Poster Session 1: 11:00AM – 12:30PM
Krishma Doshi (Mathematics) (1)
Erik Mainellis (Mathematics) (26)
Oral Presentation (Mundelein 406) (12:50 – 1:50)
Should You Vote? Mathematical Analyses of Voting and Abstention – Colin Williams (Mathematics)
Parallel and Distributed Simulation Methods for Granular Fluid Dynamics – Justin Stuck (Mathematics)
Poster Session 2: 2:00 – 3:30 PM
Sadia Ansari (Mathematics) (57)
Evelyn Cody (Statistics) (64)
Evan Cudone (Mathematics) (94)
Xianghong Luo (Applied Mathematics) (97)
Joseph Macaluso (Mathematics) (43)
Jon Matthew(Bioinformatics) (67)
Alexander Pizzuto & Barbara Skrzypek (Applied Mathematics) (37)
Shyam Shah (Statistics) (51)
Barbara Skrzypek & Justin Stuck (Applied Mathematics) (58)
Neha Siddiqui (Mathematics) (68)