Loyola University Chicago

Mathematics and Statistics


Valuing Mathematical Humanity in Classrooms Using Mathematical Beliefs

Guest Speaker:  Milos Savic (from University of Oklahoma) 

Date: April 16, 2019

Time: 3:00 - 3:50 p.m.

Location: Cuneo 109

Abstract: Mathematics in the 21st century is inherently different due to access to content, ubiquitous technology, and the usefulness of mathematics. Since all of these properties are interacting in the background, math classrooms are also different for both students and instructors. I believe that mathematics is fallible and creative, and in my talk I will provide research-based teaching actions that value both of these beliefs. I claim that these teaching actions explicitly value the mathematical humanity of students. Through research from our Creativity Research Group, I argue that the mathematical humanity that the classroom provides can be more empowering and transferrable than the content, technology, and usefulness of mathematics.