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McNair Scholars Program

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Program Structure

The McNair Scholars Program requires students to attend research seminars in fall and spring semesters and conduct summer research after junior year and/or completing at least 60 credit hours. The program is a two year commitment if entering as a junior. It is a three year commitment if entering as a sophomore. Seminars are held on Fridays, 4:15 – 6:15 pm.

Year 1 (Sophomore/Junior)

  • Fall – Weekly Seminars (October  – December)
    • The objective of the seminar is to provide scholarly activities, research preparation, and learning opportunities preparing students for graduate school.
  • Spring – Weekly Seminars (January – May)
    • The focus of the semester is the selection of a faculty mentor, the design of a summer research project, the creation of the complementary professional documents to assist in sponsoring that research, and the design and fulfillment of the research projects that will encapsulate and share the student work at a conference-ready level;
  • Sophomores will repeat Year 1 in their junior year.

Paid Summer Research Internship (June 1 – August 1)

The McNair Scholars Program requires students to conduct research. The core activity supporting this objective is the 9-week Summer Research Internship that occurs between the Sophomore/Junior and Senior years. In fulfilling the research requirement McNair Scholars will have the chance to work closely with faculty mentors through a series of structured research activities, including: weekly meetings, seminars on research skills, assistance with the development of research proposals, individually designed research projects, participation in faculty research, help with summary and dissemination of results and attend an annual McNair Regional Research Conference. Students will be required to work 40 hours a week on the research project and with their faculty mentors, including attending weekly research seminars and GRE preparation seminars and will be compensated with a stipend distributed during the summer. The average week breaks down roughly to about 30 hours associated with research; 10 hours with the McNair Scholars Program.

  • Paid research begins after Sophomore/Junior Year;
  • Paid research requires a minimum completion of 60 credit hours to participate;

Year 2 (Senior)

  • Fall – Weekly Seminars (September – December)
    • In this seminar, McNair Scholars continue their graduate school preparation and professional development. The sessions are designed to practice research presentations for the MAEOPP National McNair Scholars Research Symposium and Graduate Fair (November); submit applications to graduate school; and identify a national conference where to present in spring.
  • Spring – Bi-Weekly Seminars (January – May)
    • The objective of this seminar is to guide Senior McNair Scholars as they make the transition from their undergraduate studies into the professional arena. A primary focus of the seminar will be to guide the Scholars as they formulate plans for graduate school and their eventual careers. Scholars we will prepare for admissions interviews, drafting conference proposals, creating a curriculum vitae, and establishing a teaching philosophy. In addition, the seminar will focus on universally essential skills like group dynamics, interpersonal communication, mentoring strategies, and different learning environments. Specifically, Scholars will gain hands-on experience with teaching and mentoring by serving as Seminar Leaders for Year 1: McNair Research Scholars.