Loyola University Chicago

McNamara Center

Working Papers

The McNamara Center offers copies of current working papers for a minimal processing and hosting fee, with the understanding that the author maintains the copyright and will be seeking publication.

Please direct inquiries to:

Rhys H. Williams, Director


The working papers currently hosted at the McNamara Center include:


  1. Kantowicz, Edward R.  “Separate but Equal: The Civic Incorporation of Chicago Catholics.”  August 2000.


  1. Numrich, Paul.  “The Numbers Question: Or, How Many Immigrants Does It Take for a Research Initiative on Religion?”  October 2000.


  1. Vande Berg, Travis and Fred Kniss.  “ISKCON and Immigrants: The Rise, Decline, and Rise Again of a New Religious Movement.”  August 2003.


  1. Kniss, Fred.  “How Does Religion Matter for Chicago’s New Immigrants?”  September 2003.


  1. Priest, Kersten Bayt.  “Together in Harmony, We Can Make a Beautiful City: New Immigrant Filipinos and Change in a Catholic Parish.”  November 2003.


  1. Hoop, Katrina.  “The Content of Education in New Immigrant Religious Organizations.”  November 2003.