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Medieval Studies

Spring 2021 Courses

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  • Instructor: Dr. Tanya Stabler Miller
  • TuTh, 11:30a - 12:45p
  • Sometimes termed the “Age of Faith,” the Middle Ages (c. 500 to 1500 CE) are also regarded as an age of violence, persecution, and religious intolerance. To what extent was this period truly an “Age of Faith”?
  • What were the limits of belief? What were the limits of religious tolerance?
  • Why were some medieval Christians condemned to burn at the stake as heretics, while other subversives died peacefully in their beds?
  • In what ways did the process of defining “correct belief” (orthodoxy) depend on definitions of “wrong belief” (heresy)? Who decided? Who resisted, why, and with what consequences?
  • Instructor: Dr. Theresa Gross-Diaz
  • MWF, 12:10p - 1:00p
  • Werewolves and shape-shifters. Sorcerers and saints. Angel magic and vampires. The medieval supernatural was a complex and sophisticated otherworld. Magic, miracles, pre-Christian belief-ways, and folk practices reveal to us the manifold understandings that medieval people had of the forces beyond nature.
  • This course in European (mostly) intellectual and cultural history will explore medieval views of the supernatural through literary, artistic, and archaeological primary sources. Secondary sources will include recent scholarship in history, theology, anthropology, and other disciplines.

Description: This course is the second in a two semester sequence of courses designed to provide students with a synoptic view of the field of Medieval Studies and train them to do cross-disciplinary work within that field.

Outcome: Students will be able to produce original research on some topic pertaining to the Middle Ages that utilizes and integrates no less than two methodologies drawn from diverse disciplines.

Contact Dr. Theresa Gross-Diaz, Program Director, at tgross@luc.edu for more information.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact Dr. Theresa Gross-Diaz, Program Director, at tgross@luc.edu.