Loyola University Chicago

Department of Military Science

Mr. Rex Lewis- Assistant Professor of Military Science

Rex Lewis serves as a civilian Assistant Professor of Military Science (APMS) for the Rambler Battalion, and oversees Bravo Company, headquartered at DePaul University. Mr. Lewis is also a Major in the U.S. Army Reserves with 9 years of Active Duty experience and 3 years on Reserve status.

 He has served as a Civil Affairs Team Leader, Civil Military Operations Chief, Assistant Operations Officer, and Combined Special Operations Team Leader in the 83rdand 98thCivil Affairs Battalions. He has one combat deployment to Southeast Afghanistan and has conducted several missions in Central and South America.

 Prior to joining Army Civil Affairs, Mr. Lewis served as an Officer in U.S. Air Force Space Command as a GPS Satellite Operator. Mr. Lewis is a graduate of Marquette University and received a Master’s of Science in International Public Service from DePaul University.

 His military training includes: The JFK SWCS Civil Affairs Qualification Course, Airborne School, Army SERE School, Special Operations Language Training – Arabic and Spanish, Military Freefall School, Combatives Level I & II, Advanced Negotiation & Elicitation, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, EMT-Basic, Civil-Military Planners Course, District Stability Framework Course, Post-Conflict Governance Course, the Aviation Captains Career Course, Air Force Space and Missile School, and the Army Instructors Course.

Rex currently lives in Chicago, IL with his wife Carmen and their two children. Together they enjoy taking in the amazing city of Chicago, spending time at the beach, and heading off on international adventures.