Loyola University Chicago

Ignatian Heritage Month

Martyrs Award Nomination Application

The Martyrs Award commemorates a worthy faith-based organization or individual and is given annually in November in conjunction with Ignatian Heritage Month. The award is made in honor of the UCA Martyrs in EL Salvador and in support of the University's commitment to social justice and includes a monetary prize.

Those eligible to nominate a faith-based organization or individual are members of the Loyola community including all employees, students, and alumni.

"The university must carry out this general commitment with the means uniquely at its disposal: we as an intellectual community must analyze causes; use imagination and creativity together to discover the remedies to our problems; communicate to our constituencies a consciousness that inspires the freedom of self-determination; educate professionals with a conscience, who will be the immediate instruments of such a transformation; and constantly hone an educational institution that is both academically excellent and ethically oriented."
~ Ignacio EllacurĂ­a, S.J., UCA Martyr, 1982 Commencement Address at Santa Clara University

Deadline to submit nominations: Friday, March 29, 2019

Award Criteria

Faith-based organization or individual who aligns with the mission of Loyola and through their scholarship or work:

  • Identify and analyze the causes of social injustice
  • Discover and/or implement remedies to social injustice
  • Inspire a consciousness of awareness and sensitivity to social injustice
  • Promote the freedom and self-determination of the oppressed and marginalized
  • Educate professionals with a conscience and commitment to a life of service to the marginalized
  • Find insight, hope, inspiration, and purpose from faith commitments

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