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Mission Integration

Courses To Take At Loyola

Many courses across the diverse disciplines at Loyola offer a perspective on the Jesuit, Catholic Tradition within the course of study. If you are interested in further engaging with the Ignatian Tradition through your academic experience, you may consider taking some of the classes listed below, or discuss with your professor how you can focus your study on these traditions through research.

You can learn more about each of these course offerings in the LOCUS course catalog along with updated information regarding which classes are currently being offered.

CATH 296: All Things Ignatian: Living and Learning in the Jesuit Tradition

COMM 227: Social Justice and Communication

COMM 307: Communication and Social Change

EXPL 290: Seminar in Community Based Service and Leadership

EXPL 390: Internship Seminar: Organizational Change and Community Leadership

IRIF 300: Religious Diversity in Theory and Practice

IRIF 380: Interreligious and Interfaith Internship

LASP 398: Human Rights in Latin America

MGMT 335: Micro-Enterprise Consulting

PAX 225: Psychology of Peace

PAX 261: Social Movements and Social Change

THEO 185: Introduction to Christian Ethics

THEO 190: Loyola's Mission: Ignatian Tradition

THEO 266: The Church in the World

THEO 345: Roman Catholic Social Thought

THEO 383 / ENGL 383: Theology Arts and Literature

WSGS 281: Theology, Gender, and Value

Undergraduate Resources:

BEHP 415: Catholic Bioethics in Clinical Practice

BSAD 400E: Business Foundations

IPS 434: Art and Spirit: The Sacred and the Secular

IPS 572: Ignatian Spirituality I: Hearts on Fire

IPS 574: Ignatian Exercises Practicum I

IPS 551: Social Ethics in the Catholic Tradition

IPS 610: Foundations of Social Justice

LAW 209: Law, Life, and Jesuit Spirituality

LAW 213: Canon Law and Catholic Health Care


Graduate Resources: