Loyola University Chicago

Midwest Modern Language Association


February 15th Deadline for receipt of all CFP proposals from Permanent Section chairs.
February 20th Deadline for receipt of all proposals for Special Sessions on the informal theme, "Cultures of Collectivity." 
March 1st The Program Committee will return decisions on all Special Session CFP proposals.
March 7th Accepted Special Session CFP proposals will be published to the website  and circulated by the MMLA. 
May 1st Submissions to Permanent and Special Sections are due. Submissions should be sent to section chairs. 
May 20th

Deadline for Individual Paper submissions.  Papers submitted to Permanent and Special Sections should not be submitted to the Program Committee for consideration.

June 15th

Deadline for session organizers and chairs to submit the Program Information Form.

August 15th

Deadline convention for participants to become 2021 MMLA members and pay the 2021 early bird convention pre-registration fee.  Membership dues and registration fees are non-refundable.   

August 15th Convention schedule posted online.
September 15th Deadline for session organizers and chairs to submit the Session Abstract Form.  This form is optional; the MMLA keeps program abstracts on file in the event that we are requested to verify participation on a panel during the tenure process.  
October 2nd Convention program printed. Because of printing deadlines, participants who have not paid the required fees by October 1st will be omitted from convention program. Please make sure your panelists are aware of this deadline and the online membership / pre-registration form (available on our forms page).  Membership dues and the convention registration fees are non-refundable.
October 2nd Deadline for receipt of convention papers in the MMLA office for advance distribution to convention registrants. This form is optional; advance distribution is not required for all panels. 
October 2nd Deadline to complete pre-registration for convention non-presenters. After October 2nd, on-site registration will be necessary. 
Online and registrations sent in the mail will not be accepted after October 2nd.
November 4th-7th 62nd Annual Convention in Milwaukee, WI at the Hilton City Center.