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Hotel and What to do in Kansas City


Join us in Kansas City, MO, the City of Fountains!

The 2018 Conference will be held at the Kansas City Marriott Downtown. 

Kansas City Marriott Downtown
200 West 12th Street
Kansas City, MO 64105, US

Registration forms for the conference are available on the forms page of the membership tab of this site. If your proposal has been accepted for the 2018 Convention, you may wish to register for your hotel room here.


Kansas City Ground Transportation

Kansas City International Airport (KCI/MCI)

KCI Ground Transportation link: http://www.flykci.com/getting-to-from/ground-transportation/

Link includes: Metro Bus; Shuttle Service; Rental Car, Limo,

and Taxi Service

Taxi service outside all terminals: cost roughly $40

Uber from KCI to Marriott Downtown: cost $29.35

Lyft from KCI to Marriott Downtown: cost $28.81

Approximate time from airport to hotel via car: 25 minutes


Kansas City Union Station (KCY)

KCY link: https://www.amtrak.com/stations/kcy

Metro bus #47, #55, and MMAX from KCY to Marriott Downtown (includes walking): cost $1.50

Streetcar from KCY to Marriott Downtown: cost FREE

Uber from KCY to Marriott Downtown: cost $7.10

Lyft from KCY to Marriott Downtown: cost $6.55

Approximate time from train station to hotel via car: 7 minutes


Greyhound Bus Station

KC Greyhound Bus Station link: https://kcgreyhoundbus

Metro Bus #12, #18, and #25 from Greyhound Bus station to Marriott Downtown: cost $1.50

Uber from Greyhound Station to Marriott Downtown: cost $6.81

Lyft from Greyhound Station to Marriott Downtown: cost $7.16

Approximate time from bus station to hotel via car: 7 minutes


Kansas City Metro and Streetcar

Metro Fares and Passes link: http://ridekc.org/fares/passes

Streetcar informational link: http://kcstreetcar.org/


Garages and Parking Near Marriott Downtown

SP Parking (Flat Rate $10)

960 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO 64105

1211 Walnut St, Kansas City, MO 64106

Denison Parking (Flat Rate $16)

1110 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO 64105

Spot Hero

An online parking reservation service 

Marriott Downtown link: https://spothero.com/kansas-city/



Marriott Downtown Parking (taken from Marriott Downtown website)

On-site parking, fee: 3 USD hourly, 19 USD daily

Valet parking, fee: 25 USD daily

Onsite parking garage height clearance 6 feet, offsite garage 6 feet 6 inches. Oversized valet is $30.00per night.



Food, Activities, and Places in KC to Look Forward to:

Click here for a handy 1-page .pdf of our "Things to do in Kansas City"!


Some Highlights!

  • Free Kansas City Streetcar: The new and FREE streetcar runs from Union Station past several thriving districts, including the Crossroads Arts District, Power and Light District, KC Live!, and the River Market. Check out the New York Times glowing review of the streetcar and the surrounding neighborhoods. 
  • City Market: Located in the River Market district, this shop and eatery center is one of the largest public farmers' markets in the Midwest! Featuring Global cuisine, walking tours, and a Steamboat musuem, this historic area seems like a great place to walk around or enjoy a quality meal. Plus, it's easily accessible via the free Kansas City Streetcar!
  • Boulevard Brewery Tour: One of the largest specialty brewers in the Midwest is located just a short bus (#11 or #55) or car ride from the Conference center! Plus, tours are just $5! This Brewery is well known for their subtle, balanced flavors, as well as their fantastic sustainability initiatives and dedication to local businesses.
  • City Hall Obvervation Deck: Down the street from our Conference is Kansas City's official seat of government...and an observation deck on the 29th floor! Visits to one of the tallest buildings in KC are free of charge and offer a birds-eye view of the Missouri River.
  • Power and Light District: A nine block stretch of dining, shopping, and entertainment. This bright and vibrant neighborhood is surrounded by landmarks and entertainment icons like Sprint Center, the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, and the Crossroads Arts District. It’s impossible to not find something new or exciting in this district. Plus it is only minutes from the Marriott Downtown!
  • Messenger Coffee Co + Ibis Bakery: This fair trade sourced coffee shop is paired with one of the best bakeries in the city to create a fun breakfast, lunch, or hangout environment. Thier space features a rooftop patio with an outdoor firplace and is accesible via the free Kansas City Streetcar!
  • The Rieger: The history and tradition is rich in this former hotel, which has retained much of its original decor and values of hospitality.
  • Jack Stack Barbecue: Third-generation family owned restaurant, now with several locations.  Hickory-smoked meats, huge menu, delicious side-dishes.  The streetcar goes right to it from the conference hotel!

Food and Drinks (Within Walking Distance of Conference):

  • BRGR Kitchen + Bar (Power and Light District) - 11 E 14th St
  • Plowboys Barbecue (Downtown) - 1111 Main St
  • Kaldi’s Coffee (Power and Light District) - 1201 Main St
  • Mildred’s Coffeehouse (Library District) - 920 Main St #209
  • Flying Saucer Draught Emporium (Power and Light) - 101 E 13th St

Food and Drinks (Accessible via Car or Public Transportation):

  • Messenger Coffee Co + Ibis Bakery (Crossroads District) - 1624 Grand Blvd
  • Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters and Bar (Downtown) - 419 E 18th St
  • Jack Stack Barbecue (Freight House District) - 101 W 22nd St #300 (Streetcar goes right to it!)
  • The Farmhouse (River Market) - 300 Delaware St
  • The Rieger (Crossroads District) - 1924 Main St
  • The Phoenix (Garment District) - 302 W 8th St
  • Scratch Bakery KC (Garment District) - 310 W 8th St
  • Teocali (Crown Center) - 2512 Holmes St

Attractions (Accessible via Car or Public Transportation):

  • Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts - 1601 Broadway Blvd
  • National WWI Museum - 2 Memorial Drive (Streetcar to Union Station, walk .5mi)
  • Penn Valley Park - West 28th Street & Wyandotte Street (Streetcar to Union Station, walk .5mi) 
  • City Market (River Market) - 20 E 5th Street (Streetcar to City Market)
  • Kauffman Stadium - 1 Royal Way (47 bus)
  • American Jazz Museum, Negro Leagues Baseball Museum - 1616 E 18 St (25 bus)
  • Money Museum - 1 Memorial Drive (Streetcar to Union Station, walk .7)
  • Boulevard Brewery Tour ($5) - 2501 Southwest Blvd (11 or 55 bus)
  • City Market Walking Tour ($15) - 200 Main St (Streetcar to City Market)
  • City Hall Observation Deck (Free) - 414 E 12th St
  • River Market Antiques 115 W 5th St
  • Black Archives of Mid-America (Free) - 1722 E. 17th Terrace (15 bus)