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Modern Languages and Literatures

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Join us in learning about the history and stories of Italian-Americans. Events are held throughout the year.

A Long Shadow

October 10, 2019 • 6:30 PM
Loyola Information Commons, 4th floor

Were they robbers and murderers? Or were this shoemaker and fish peddler the victims of antimmigrant, anti-Italian and anti-leftist prejudice? It happened in 1920 in Braintree, Massachusetts, but could it happen today in Chicago, Illinois? Join us for a staged reading, listen to two “dead men talking,” and decide for yourself.

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Cooking up the Past: Recovering Family Tradition

October 9, 2019 • 7:00 PM

Casa Italia (1621 N 39th Avenue, Stone Park, IL 60165)

Food and the act of eating play a vital role in shaping family traditions and reinforcing cultural and social ties. Recipes, particularly those passed down from generation to generation, contribute to the creation of a family archive, documenting our tastes in the preparation and consumption of food. Which recipe has stood the test of time in your family and why? Please bring a copy of a family recipe to share in small groups and embark with us on a historical and ancestral culinary tour. 

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