Loyola University Chicago

Modern Languages and Literatures

Foreign Language (FL) Placement Coordinators

Coordinators are teaching faculty in the Modern Languages & Literatures Department. They will help you determine which course is the best for you given your previous experience with the language, either in a classroom or outside of one. Coordinators may base their placement recommendation on an interview (by phone or in person) and/or quiz and/or short writing sample.

Summer Freshmen Orientations

During summer freshmen orientation sessions, FL coordinators will vary. At least one will be present during course registration.

Coordinators During the Academic Year

Arabic Dr. Sawsan Abbadi sabbadi@luc.edu 773.508.2850
Chinese Prof. Hong Chen hchen4@luc.edu 773.508.7326
French Dr. Julie Elsky jelsky@luc.edu Send E-mail
German Dr. Reinhard Andress randress@luc.edu 773.508.7365
Hebrew Dr. Wiley Feinstein wfeinst@luc.edu 773.508.2868
Hindi Dr. Wiley Feinstein wfeinst@luc.edu
Italian Dr. Wiley Feinstein wfeinst@luc.edu 773.508.2868
Japanese Dr. Janet Fair jfair@luc.edu Send E-mail
Polish Prof. Bozena McLees bmclees@luc.edu Send E-mail
Russian Prof. Polina Maksimovich pmaksimovich@luc.edu Send E-mail
Spanish 101–102 Prof. Maria Robertson-Justiniano mjustiniano@luc.edu 773.508.7361
Spanish 103–104 Prof. Brenda Carrillo bcarril@luc.edu 773.508.8552
Spanish 250–251 Prof. David Beltran dbeltran@luc.edu 773.508.2861
Spanish 270+ Dr. Clara Burgo cburgo@luc.edu 773.508.8296