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Urban Affairs & Job Sites

There are many unique and interesting websites focusing on urban affairs and development issues. Please take a look at our list of political, urban affairs, and professionally focused webpages below.

Nationally Focused:

CityLab: CityLab is a wonderful and unique resource highlighting major issues impacting metropolitan areas. The five main urban issue areas this reporting on this site covers are: design, transportation, environment, equity, and life. To vist their website: www.citylab.com

Next City: Longform with a journalistic focus, Next City is a non-profit online organization that reports on current events, policies, and innovations that impact cities worldwide. This site hopes to foster dialogue that fosters the development of cities with an equitable and sustainable future. To visit their website: www.nextcity.org

Planetizen: Planetizen is a website that focuses on the intersection of the built environment with nature. A collection of news, educational articles, and job postings, Planetizen is a hub for urban planners. To visit their website: www.planetizen.com

Brookings Institution - Cities & Regions: The Brookings Institution is a public policy organization who conducts detailed research and comprehensive reporting. Their Cities & Regions page focuses on topics that include State & Local Finance, Economic Development, & Infrastructure.To visit their website: www.brookings.edu/topics/cities-regions

Urban Institute: The Urban Institute is a research organization who focuses on economic and social policy. They collaborate with philanthropists, community organizers, and businesses to identify strategies to address current economic and social challenges that we face. To visit their website: www.urban.org

International City/County Management Association: This website is dedicated to local government professionals, specifically city and county managers. Career services, news, events, and job postings are just a few of the local government resources that can be found at the International City/County Management Association’s website. To visit their website: www.icma.org

 Urban Affairs Association: The Urban Affairs Association is a multidisciplinary community with over 700 members whose mission is to create space for urban scholars, public service professionals, and researchers to engage in dialogue about urban issues. To visit their website: www.urbanaffairsassociation.org

Chicago Focused

Metropolitan Planning Council: The Metropolitan Planning Council is dedicated to creating a more sustainable and equitable Chicago & northeastern Illinois area. They understand the roles that transportation, economic development, and housing play in creating vibrant and prosperous communities. To visit their website: www.metroplanning.org

World Business Chicago: Promoting Chicago as a global leader, World Business Chicago is a non-profit public/private partnership that bridges the gap between governmental and private sectors. WBC focuses on supporting business, creating economic growth, and driving job creation in Chicago. To visit their website: www.worldbusinesschicago.com

Chi Hack Night: Chi Hack Night is an organization that promotes civic engagement by holding free events weekly. These events create community and give people the tools needed to support the public good and get involved. To visit their website: www.chihacknight.org