Loyola University Chicago

Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing

Faculty and Staff



Name Title Office Phone and Email
Lorna Finnegan, PhD, RN, FAAN Dean HSD 125-4509 LSC 1001 708-216-5448 773-508-3275
Vicki Ann Andreoni, DNP, CPNP, PMHS Assistant Professor Building 125, Room 4521, HSD 708.216.9304
Pamela Andresen, PhD, RN Associate Professor Building 125, Room 4521, HSD 708.216.0307
Patricia Bachmeier, MSN, RN Instructor BVM Hall, 9th Floor, Room 902, LSC 773.508.3257
Vicki Bacidore, DNP, APN, ACNP-BC, CEN, TNS Assistant Professor
Director of AGACNP Track
Building 125, Room 2531, HSC 708-216-0778
Kathleen Bobay, PhD, RN, NEA-BC Professor Building 125, Room 4506, HSD 708.216.5737
Matthew Bruder, MD Assistant Professor BVM Hall, Room 1011, LSC LSC: 773.508.3535
Susan Buechele, DNP, APRN, CPNP, IBCLC Assistant Professor
Assistant Dean Graduate Clinical Programs
Building 125, Room 4502, HSD 708.216.4097
Lisa Burkhart, PhD, RN, MPH Associate Professor BVM, Room 912, LSC 773.508.2923
Shirley Butler, PhD, RN Assistant Professor BVM, Room 906, LSC 773.508.2911
Mary Byrn, RN, PhD Assistant Professor BVM Hall, Room 915, LSC 773.508.8973
Emily Chin, PhD, RNC Assistant Professor
Director 4‐Year BSN
BVM, Room 1006, LSC 773.508.8571
Jorgia B. Connor, PhD, RN Associate Professor
Assistant Dean BSN Program
BVM, Room 911, LSC 773.508.2897
Regina Conway-Phillips, PhD, RN Associate Professor
Department Chair
BVM, Room 916, LSC 773.508.2881
Margaret Delaney, EdD, APRN, PNP-BC Assistant Professor BVM Hall 1003 773-508-8326
Laura De La Pena, PhD, RNC, C-EFM Clinical Instructor BVM, Room 1008. LSC 773.508.8977
William Duffy, RN, MJ CNOR, FAAN Instructor
Director MSN Nursing and Healthcare Administration
Building 125 Room 4534, HSD 708-216-9274
Mary Broderick Donnelly, JD, RN Assistant Professor
Associate Chair
Building 125, Room 4537, HSD 708.216.2412
Joanne Dunderdale, MSN, RN Instructor Building 125, Room 3544, HSD 708.216.0373
Milena Fatta, MSN, RN Clinical Instructor BVM Hall, 8th Floor, LSC 773.508.3249
Sara Flanagan, DNP, RN Assistant Professor BVM Hall 1006 773-508-2907
Patricia Friend, PhD, APN-CNS, AOCNS, AGN-BC Associate Professor
Director of CNS Track
Building 125, Room 4535, HSD 708.216.9553
Lindsey Garfield, PhD, RN Assistant Professor
Research Associate
BVM Hall, Room 1007, LSC 773.508.2887
Gail Greiner-Weinstein, MSN, RN Clinical Instructor BVM Hall, Room 905, LSC 773.508.8975
Thao Griffith, PhD, RN Assistant Professor CTRE, Room 347, HSD 708.216.5708
Diana Hackbarth, PhD, RN, FAAN Professor
Project Director, School-based Health Center at Proviso East High School and Project Director, Integrating Behavioral Health Into Primary Care
BVM Hall, Room 908 LSC 773-508-2896
Lise Hauser, DNP, APRN, CNM Assistant Professor Building 125 Room 2524 HSC 708-216-3845
Cindy Hayes, DNP, MSN-Ed, RN, CPAN, CAPA, CNE Assistant Professor BVM Hall 806 773-508-3722
Linda Janusek, PhD, RN, FAAN Professor
Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing Endowed Chair for Research
CTRE 336, HSD 708.216.9551
Judith A. Jennrich, PhD, RN, APN Associate Professor
Director of the Acute Care Programs
Building 125, Room 4542, HSD 708.216.3813
Valerie Keller, MSN, RN, IBCLC Clinical Instructor BVM Hall, Room 1008, LSC 773.508.3249
Vicki Keough, PhD, RN, FAAN Professor Building 125, Room 4509, HSD and BVM, Room1001, LSC 708.216.5448 and 773.508.3275
Amy Kiefer, MSN, RN Instructor
Director Hybrid ABSN
BVM Hall 901 773-508-3375
Audrey Klopp, PhD, RN, NHA Assistant Professor
Director DNP Post‐ Master's Track
Building 125, Room 2526, HSD 708.216.3831
Colleen Kordish PhD, RN, CNE, CAPM Assistant Professor BVM Room 907 773-508-3408
Carol Kostovich, PhD, RN, CHSE Associate Professor
Assistant Dean Innovative Educational Strategies and Simulation
Building 125, Room 2534, HSD 708.216.8097
MariJo Letizia, PhD, RN, APN/ANP-BC, FAANP Professor
Director Hybrid ABSN Program
Building 125, Room 2527, HSD 708.216.9325
Angela Mahaffey, PhD Assistant Professor BVM Hall, 9th Floor, Room 907, LSC 773.508.2902
Kevin Mazor, PhD Assistant Professor BVM Hall, 10th Floor, Room 1011, LSC 773.508.3509
Janet McCarthy, MSN, MBA, RN Instructor
Director, On Campus ABSN Program
Building 125, Room 4525, HSD 708.216.0337
Leah McClellan,MSN, RN Instructor BVM Hall 1003 773-508-3317
Rachel Newhouse, MSN, RN Instructor Downer's Grove
Amy O'Malley, MSN, RN Instructor Building125 Room 4503 HSC 708-545-2863
Kimberly Oosterhouse, PhD, RN Assistant Professor Building 125, Room 2522, HSD 708.216.4148
Jenny O'Rourke, PhD, APN-BC, CHSE Assistant Professor Building 125, Room 4504, HSD 708.216.5706
Cynthia Paidipati, PhD, CRNP, PMH-NP/CNS-BC Tenure-Track Assistant Professor, Director of the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMH-NP) Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program Building 125- Room 4527 HSC 708-216-9102
Amanda (Mandy) Peacock, DNP, RN,AGPCNP-C Assistant Professor, Director of the Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Program Building125 - Room 4534 HSC 708-216-6989
Sue Penckofer, PhD, RN, FAAN Associate Dean for the Graduate School
Distinguished University Research Professor for School of Nursing
(LSC: Graduate School: Granada Center, Room 438) - (HSD: Center for Translational Research & Education (CTRE), Room 348) (LSC: 773.508.8949) (HSD: 708.216.9303)
Cathlin Poronsky, PhD, APN, FNP-BC Associate Professor
Associate Dean Faculty Development & Part‐Time Faculty
Building 125, Room 4533, HSD 708.216.3567
John Pucker MS, JD, APN, CNS Assistant Professor BVM Hall 1006 773-508-2886
Nancy Rashcke-Deichstetter, MS, RN, CEN Instructor Mundelein Center 317 773-508-7347
Anne Richter, MSN RN Instructor Downers Grove
Monique Ridosh, PhD, RN Assistant Professor Center for Translational Research & Education (CTRE), Room 347, HSD 708.216.0336
Laura Robbins-Frank, MSN, RNC, CCNS/APN Instructor Downers Grove
Eric Roberts, DNP, FNP-BC, ENP-BC Assistant Professor
Director of FNP‐ENP Track
Building 125, Room 2532, HSD 708.216.6985
Karen L. Saban, PhD, RN, APRN, CNRN, FAHA Associate Professor
Associate Dean Research and Scholarly Innovation
Center for Translational Research and Education, HSC 708.216.1244
Lee Schmidt, PhD, RN Associate Professor
Executive Associate Dean Academic Affairs and Interim Assistant Dean PhD Program
BVM, Room 1002, LSC 773.508.3466
Ginger Schroers, MS, RNC, CNE Instructor Downers Grove 630.570.0515
Colleen Shayan, RN, ACNS-BC Clinical Instructor
Director Undergraduate Part Time Faculty ‐ 4‐Year BSN and On‐Campus ABSN Tracks
BVM Hall, Room 905, LSC 773.508.8972
Shalini Shrikanth, MSN, RN, AE-C,CNE Clinical Instructor Downers Grove
Darlie Simerson, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, CEN Assistant Professor
Director of Family Nurse Practitioner Track
Building 125, Room 4531, HSC 708-216-5746
Lisa Skemp, PhD, RN, FGSA, FAAN Professor
Chair Department of Health Systems, Leadership and Policy
BVM Hall, Room 1016, LSC 773.508.2885
P. Ann Solari-Twadell, PhD, RN, MPA, FAAN Associate Professor BVM, Room 917, LSC 773.508.2909
Patricia (Patty) Stapleton, DNP, RN, APN, CPNP-PC Assistant Professor
Faculty Director of Strategic Partnerships and Clinical Placements
BVM Hall, Room 903, LSC 773.508.7940
Nancy Stell, MSN, RN Instructor
Director Undergraduate Part Time Faculty – Hybrid Track
Building 125, Room 2524, HSD 708.216.5708
Leesa Strickland, MSN, RNC-NIC Instructor BVM Hall 905
Andrea Tacchi, MSN, RN Instructor Downers Grove
Dina Tell, PhD Research Assistant Professor CTRE 366, HSD 708.216.3753
Sandi Tenfelde, PhD, RN, APN Assistant Professor, Director Women's Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP) Track Building 125, Room 2528, HSD 708.216.9213
Annie Thomas, PhD, RN Assistant Professor
Director RN-BSN Program
BVM, Room 1012, LSC 773.508.2919
Lei Toquero, MAN, RN Clinical Instructor Downers Grove
Jeanne VanDenack, MSN, RN Instructor Downers Grove
Barbara Velsor-Friedrich, PhD, RN, FAAN Professor
Director of PhD Program
BVM, Room 1017, LSC 773.508.2892
Frances Vlasses, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, ANEF, FAAN Professor Building 125, Room 2523, HSD 708.216.3547
Julie White, MSN, RN-NIC, CLC Instructor BVM Hall 1003 773-508-3258
Stephen (Steve) Yermal, PhD, RN, CRNA Assistant Professor BVM Hall 903 773-508-2899
Eric Zack, DNP, RN, ACNP-BC, AOCN, BMTCN Assistant Professor BVM Hall 903 773-508-8956



Name Title Office Phone and Email
Michaelene (Micki) Ansted Executive Assistant to the Dean Building 125, Room 4508, HSD 708.216.9277
Michael Barrow, MS Simulation Operations Specialist Clinical Simulation Lab, Mundelein, Room 317, LSC 773.508.3260
Karen Berg-Helfgot, M.Ed Director of Clinical Placements and Experiential Learning BVM Hall, Room 813, LSC 773.508.3671
Shani Blackwell, MA Outcomes Coordinator BVM Hall, Room 811, LSC 773.508.8976
Geraldine Chavers, M.Ed Clinical Placement & Experiential Learning Coordinator BVM Hall 814 773-508-3984
Gina Chorzempa Administrative Assistant Building 125, Room 4528, HSD 708.216.0323
Carrie Daut, M.Ed. Senior Academic Advisor BVM Hall 803 773-508-3270
Monica Dillon Director of the Loyola Community Nursing Center Campion Hall, 1144 W. Loyola Avenue, Chicago, IL 60626 773.508.3339
Erin Drennon Registrar Building 125, Room 4521, HSD 708.216.5766
Edward (Ed) Gricius, MS Assistant Dean, Student Affairs Building 125, Room 4526, HSD 708.216.3542
Nancy Hernandez Grant and Financial Service Coordinator Building 125, Room 4536, HSD 708.216.9687
Corinne Johnson Administrative Assistant, HSD Building 125, Room 4500 708.216.9101
Mary Kilroy, BA Administrative Assistant BVM, Room 800A, LSC 773.508.3249
Matthew Lewis, M.Ed Academic Advisor
ABSN and RN-BSN Programs
Building 125, Room 4530, HSD 708.216.8213
Jose Marroquin, MA Director of Student Affairs BVM Hall 801 773-508-2918
Annie McCormack, MBA Director of Finance and Operations Building 125, Room 4543, HSD 708.216.2226
Holly O'Connor E-Learning Specialist Building 105, Room 2855, HSD 708.216.3583
John Schneider Electronic Learning Specialist SSOM/256B, HSD 708.216.3568
Victoria Rideaux Office Assistant Loyola Community Nursing Center 773.508.3391
Stacey Zurek, PhD Instructional Designer SSOM, Room 433, HSD 708.216.8274