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Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing

Faculty and Staff

Sue Penckofer, PhD, RN, FAAN

Title/s:  Associate Dean for the Graduate School
Distinguished University Research Professor for School of Nursing

Office #:  (LSC: Graduate School: Granada Center, Room 438) - (HSD: Center for Translational Research & Education (CTRE), Room 348)

Phone: (LSC: 773.508.8949) (HSD: 708.216.9303)


CV Link: penckoferVITAEJuly2017.pdf


PhD in Nursing University of Illinois 1993
MS in Nursing University of Illinois 1982
BSN University of Illinois 1979

Teaching Interests

Research Methods
Grant Writing
Teaching Methods
Research Internships

Courses Taught, 2015-2016

GNUR 512 (Quantitative Methods and Design for Nursing Research)
GNUR 511 (Measurement for Nursing Research)
GNUR 532 (Research Grantsmanship)
GNUR 530 (Research Internships)
GNUR 510 (Practicum in Teaching Methods for Nursing)

Research/Scholarly Interests and Selected Publications

Research area of interest is in women’s health, specifically diabetes and depression with a focus on innovative strategies for treatment of these disorders which include cognitive therapy and dietary supplements. Currently funded from the National Institute of Nursing Research to examine the impact of vitamin D supplementation for women with type 2 diabetes and co-morbid depression (R01NR1306).  Previously funded for training to develop expertise in clinical trials research and depression assessment and treatment (K23NR009240).

Byrn, M. & Penckofer, S. (2015).Gestational diabetes, depression, and the impact on maternal and infant health outcomes.  Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neonatal Nursing, 44 (2): 246-255.

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Savoy S. & Penckofer S. (2015).  Depressive symptoms impact health-promoting lifestyle behaviors, cardiac and quality of life in healthy women.  Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, 30(4): 360-372.

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Penckofer, S. (2012). Lost in translation: will the ‘personal’ become ‘impersonal’ when conducting research in the age of technology?  Clinical Investigation, 2(6): 1-3.

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Wallis, D., Penckofer, S., Sizemore, G.  (2008) Contemporary Issues in Cardiovascular Medicine: The Sunshine Deficit and Cardiovascular Disease.  Circulation, 118, 1476-1485.

Professional & Community Affiliations

  • Member and Grant Reviewer, University of Chicago Diabetes Center for Translational Research
  • Grant Reviewer, National Institute for Nursing Research (Special Emphasis Panels and Ad Hoc)
  • Editorial Board Reviewer for numerous nursing and other healthcare professional journals