Sustaining Primary Care: Behavioral Health Integration Virtual Conference

Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing faculty along with Loyola’s School-Based Health Center staff participated in the “Sustaining Primary Care: Behavioral Health Integration Virtual Conference” sponsored by Vanderbilt School of Nursing and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) on June 11, 2020 and June 12, 2020.

Oral Presentation

Title: Suicide and Depression Screening in Schools: An Effective Partnership Between a School-Based Health Center and Two School Districts  
Presenters: Addie Van Zwoll, MJ, LCSW and Vanessa Zapata, LSW 
Brief Description: The presentation provided the ‘nuts and bolts’ of how to implement the Signs of Suicide (SOS) program in collaboration with community partners at both the middle school and high school level.  The presentation also discussed the strengths and challenges of implementing such an important program.  

Title: Identification of Behavioral Health Risk Factors Among Adolescents: Longitudinal Comparison of YRBS and BSAD Screening Data in a High School Setting –podium presentation (virtual)
Presenters: Diana Hackbarth, RN, PhD, FAAN, Adriane Van Zwoll, LCSW, Vanessa Zapata, LSW, Ann Edgington, LCSW, Joanne Kouba, PhD, RN, LDN 

Poster Presentation

Title: Medicine, Psychiatry, and Social Work:  A Collaborative Team Approach in a School-Based Health Center  Presenters: Addie Van Zwoll, MJ, LCSW, Vanessa Zapata, LSW, Dr. Katherine Johnson, MD & Dr. Robert Miller, MD.
Brief Description: The poster presented the importance of collaborative care through the demonstration of three case studies.  The poster provided examples of how the SBHC team came together to work with patients to provide quality care.