Loyola Nursing School Updates

Loyola Nursing:

Effective with clinical learning experiences starting at 7 a.m. on Monday, March 16, Loyola University Chicago Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing is cancelling all clinical practicum rotations for all students effective until March 29. At that time, clinical rotations will be reassessed. Students are asked to contact their course faculty with questions.

All Classes

  • No testing will be scheduled in your classes until we have guidance from the university about proctoring and test security.

Online classes - RN to BSN, Hybrid ABSN, MSN, and DNP Programs

  • All online classes are to proceed as outlined in the syllabus. There is to be no disruption to classes already online.

Online Classes - Face to face classes: 4-year BSN (Lakeshore campus) and ABSN (Health Sciences campus)

  • Classes that meet face-to-face are to be transitioned to synchronous class meetings using Zoom.
  • The lecture class will meet at the time listed on the class schedule. Zoom will be used to connect the students and the faculty.
  • The week of March 16-March 20 will be used by the faculty in preparing their course to be delivered through a Zoom connection.
  • Your course faculty may communicate with you about setting up a session, during a regular class meeting time the week of March 16-20, to test the process of connecting to the class session.
  • Course content in face-to-face classes will not be presented during the week of March 16-March 20.

Clinical experiences: Some key introductory points

  • The School of Nursing is responsible for the education of students in the nursing programs.
  • Students practice under the supervision of their faculty members or preceptors, are valuable members of the healthcare team, and are involved with the meaningful care of patients
  • The School of Nursing is following the recommendations of professional organizations, and considering those recommendations in the student clinical learning experiences.
  • As part of their training and education, students have received instruction in infection control and infection prevention.

In case of illness, or chronic health conditions

  • If anyone develops an illness or symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath, they need to stay home and not go to the clinical learning experience.
  • Individuals with an illness or symptoms need to contact their health care provider for guidance.
  • Students and faculty should follow established procedures for reporting absence for clinical experiences.
  • Students with chronic health conditions should reach out to their program director for guidance in relation to their clinical learning experiences.

Laboratory classes (GNUR 156L, GNUR 238L, GNUR 409L)

Laboratory sessions will meet at the time listed in the class schedule. Zoom will be used to connect students and faculty.

Laboratory time periods will be used for additional teaching, demonstration of skills and techniques by the faculty member, and making use of available resources for teaching skills and techniques.

Open labs will continue using Zoom. Students need to sign up for open labs as they currently do.

In Summer 2020 (ABSN students) and Fall 2020 (4-year students), additional laboratory sessions/boot camps will be scheduled for additional student practice and learning.

Any makeup or boot camp lab sessions for the graduate health assessment (GNUR409L) course will be designed by the course faculty and communicated to students.

Lorna Finnegan Phd, RN, FAAN
Dean, Professor
Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing