Loyola University Chicago

Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing

Tuition & Fees

Approximate Program Costs 

Additional costs include student activities fees, technology, lab fees, books, medical requirements, and travel.  Students are advised to check the Loyola Tuition/Fees website for the most current tuition rates. 

 DI Certificate
Tuition School of Nursing Graduate Credits 13 graduate credits
($1103 per credit)*
47 graduate credits
($1103 per credit)*
FONU 420 $450 $450
FONU 410 $250 $250
Technology Fee, per semester $125 $125
Student Health Service, per semester $170 NA
Perspective Counseling Service, per semester $20 NA
Student Development Fee (includes wellness, student services items), per semester NA $170
CTA U-Pass, per semester NA $155

Loyola dietetic interns are required to complete the following clinical requirements before starting

RequirementApproximate Cost*
Measles, Mumps Rubella Titer $198
Varicella Titer $62
Hepatitis B Titer $57
TB Screen (QuantiFERON Gold) $187
TDaP Vaccination $74
CPR Cetification $30
Physical Examination $70
Health Insurance $3095 (if purchased from Loyola)
Free (if done at HSD Campus during
flu shot distribution
Food Sanitation Certification $150
Drug Screen $34
Criminal Background Check $56
Document Tracking Service $35
*cost are approximate and can vary due to insurance coverage, vendor, and any needed follow up due to immunity status.

Limited scholarships are available through the MNSON and Graduate School. Please contact the Loyola Office of Financial Aid for details. Students may request loan deferments and or scholarships through outside sources. Please note that costs are approximate and do not include housing, transportation, supplies, etc.

For more information, see the Office of the Bursar.