Loyola University Chicago

Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing

Post-Master's Curriculum

This post-master's program requires a minimum of 30 semester hours [sh] of coursework. Core courses include courses in advanced practice, leadership, inquiry, and clinical excellence/ practicum. Once accepted into the program, the student will meet with a faculty academic advisor to determine a final course of study.

Students are able to individualize their program through the selection of at least one elective from a variety of graduate level offerings within nursing or from another discipline. Electives provide the student with the opportunity to develop expertise in a focused area which will enrich their individualized program of study and contribute to the knowledge base required for their specific scholarly work or future clinical practice. Clinical practice experiences provide the foundation for the translation of evidence and theoretical knowledge into practice.

The hallmark of a successful DNP student is the ability to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of one’s area of specialty nursing practice and to effectively communicate this expertise to others. This is accomplished through a final “capstone project” that demonstrates how evidence can be used to change or improve practice or outcomes for patients, families, and/or populations. The capstone project is generally completed in one year. The development, implementation and evaluation of this project will occur over three semesters, in conjunction with the Practicum immersion experiences.

Fall 01Spring 01Summer 01
Leadership and Roles in Advanced Nursing Practice (3 sh) Evidence Translation for Advanced Clinical Practice (3 sh) Elective  (3 sh)
Population Focused Health (3 sh) MPBH 404  Statistics for Health and Biological Sciences (3 sh) DNP 511 Practicum (1 sh)
Fall 02Spring 02Summer 02
DNP 511 Practicum (2 sh) DNP 511 Practicum (2 sh) DNP 510 Scholarly Project (1 sh)
Social Justice and Ethics in Healthcare (3 sh) DNP 510 Scholarly Project (1 sh)  DNP 511 Practicum (1 sh)
DNP 510 Scholarly Project (1 sh) Healthcare Policy and Economics (3 sh)  
Note: This plan assumes student needs only 7 SH of Practicum to complete required 1000 hours post baccalaureate degree.