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The Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing offers the new and highly in demand program RN to BSN. 

As the largest Jesuit school of nursing in the U.S., Loyola’s Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing has been successfully educating nurses for more than 80 years. The School offers a variety of bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral degree, and certificate programs to fit the career goals of professional nurses who seek to earn a degree from a nationally ranked university. The School is fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. Our faculty and staff have a tremendous commitment to the quality of our curriculum and the success of our students.

With the increased complexity in today’s health care needs, the demand for nurses with a baccalaureate education and advanced skills is growing at a rapid rate. To address that demand, the nation’s leaders in healthcare are driving policy for RNs to have a BSN.
Loyola’s RN to BSN program is designed with registered nurses in mind and offers a high degree of flexibility. This program is for Registered Nurses only.
BSN nurses typically have more career options than their associate- or diploma-degreed colleagues and often are promoted to greater levels of responsibility. As the health care environment becomes more and more complex, nurses who have the foundational knowledge of a BSN are prepared to meet these challenges with greater flexibility and effectiveness.


Courses are offered online in sessions lasting six to eight weeks. The program requires completion of 120 credit hours available in a one and two year format. The 120 hour curriculum consists of four separate areas: transfer credits (maximum of 66 credit hours), nursing courses (24 credit hours), University Core Requirements (6–18 credit hours), and Professional Nursing ePortfolio (maximum of 25 credits). RN to BSN students must complete a minimum of 30 credits online through Loyola.

Transfer Requirements

  • Maximum total 66 credit hours
  • 30 nursing credits
  • 36 general education credits

Nursing Courses
24 credit hours

  • GNUR 207: Individual Family Community Wellness & Health
  • GNUR 204: Bridge Course Nursing Concepts
  • CMAN 375: Community Health
  • CMAN 375L: Community Health: Lab
  • GNUR 360: Introduction to Research
  • GNUR 338A: Physical Assessment
  • GNUR 383: Leadership for Professional Nursing Practice
  • GNUR 361: Nursing Ethics

6–18 credit hours

Some requirements may be fulfilled by general education transfer credit. A minimum of 6 credits of university core requirements must be completed online through Loyola. The University Core Curriculum includes required courses spread across several knowledge areas. The Core reinforces effective communication, critical thinking, ethical awareness, information literacy, quantitative and qualitative analysis and research methods, and technological literacy. The Core also promotes students’ understanding of the values of justice, faith and spirituality, and diversity, which are central to Loyola’s Jesuit education.

Prospective students are likely to have completed many of the required Core courses because they have graduated from approved nursing programs. Each transfer course will be evaluated to ensure it meets Loyola’s Core Curriculum requirements upon admission.

  • Artistic Knowledge
  • Historical Knowledge
  • Literary Knowledge
  • Quantitative Knowledge: PSYC 304: Statistics
  • Mission Core: THEO 190: Ignatian Traditions
  • Theological Knowledge: GNUR 327: Spiritual Care (Elective)
  • Foundational Ethics †

† Students Admitted Fall 2014 and after

Up to 25 credit hours

Students are required to earn credits through a Professional ePortfolio, up to 25 credits for professional development. If a student does not meet criteria for 25 credits from the ePortfolio, additional credits must be earned from Loyola courses. Elective or core courses may satisfy a portion of this requirement.

To learn more about the program’s curriculum, visit LUC.edu/nursing/rnbsn.

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