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Loyola University Nursing Students:

Apply to the Primary Care Community Health Nursing Scholarship (PCCHNS) program.

Application dealine for undergrad and ABSN students is April 1, 2020

There are two options to apply to the program. You can fill out the online application below or you can download and fill out the .pdf version of the PCCHNS Application or the ABSN PCCHNS Application .  Save, fill out, and send the .pdf to Dr. Solari-Twadell.


This application to the PCCHNS program is for ENROLLED Loyola University Chicago School of Nursing students only. This is NOT an application to the Loyola University Chicago School of Nursing! Please go to Undergraduate Admissions to apply to Loyola University.





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Why would you like to be a part of the PCCHNS Program?

Please include:

  • Motivation for applying
  • Why you would like primary care experiences in community settings working with underserved populations, in addition to the standard Loyola curriculum
  • How coordinating care for patients and families could be helpful to you as a future Loyola nurse
  • Why being part of a cohort of faculty and students interested in primary care nursing appeals to you
Please do not exceed 500 words

Keep in mind that PCCHNS students will be part of a group of like-minded faculty and students who participate in additional learning opportunities and clinical experiences in primary care throughout the four-year program. The ultimate goal is to prepare students for professional nursing positions in a wide variety of settings, including as qualified primary care nurses.