Loyola University Chicago

Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing


The traditional Ph.D. program is offered in a weekend format, with classes meeting on campus one weekend each month (Saturday - Sunday) during the course of the semester.  Between each weekend class meeting, a 1 to 2 hour online, synchronous class meeting is held.

Full or part-time study is possible. Students entering post-baccalaureate must complete the program (including dissertation) in eight years from the date of initial matriculation.  Pre-PhD Coursework for BSN to PhD program listed below.

Students entering with a master's degree must complete the program (including dissertation) in six years from the date of initial matriculation.

Most courses are held at the Lake Shore Campus or at the Health Sciences Campus in Maywood, IL.


masters to phd program
Sample Program of Study (Full-time)


Year 1
GNUR 432: Philosophical Bases of Nursing Science (3)
GNUR 500: Conceptual Inquiry (3)
Prerequisite: Stats*
GNUR 501: Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Science (3)
GNUR 512: Quantitative Methods and Design for Nursing Research (3)
GNUR 546: Introduction to Linear Models (3)
GNUR 513: Qualitative Methods for Nursing Research (3)
Year 2
GNUR 519: Measurement in Nursing Research (3)
GNUR 547: Categorical Analysis (3)
GNUR 540: Nursing as a Moral Practice (3)
GNUR 544: Nursing and Health Policy (3)
**GNUR 532: Research Intership (2-3) 
GNUR 509: Teaching Methods (3)
Elective (3)
Year 3
GNUR 510: Teaching Practicum (3)
GNUR 542: Grantsmanship (1)
GNUR 610: Qualifying Examination (0)
GNUR 600: Dissertation Supervision (0)
Elective (3)***
GNUR 600: Dissertation Supervision (0)
Elective (3)
Year 4 and beyond
GNUR 600: Dissertation Supervision as needed (0)
GNUR 600: Dissertation Supervision as needed (0)
GNUR 600: Dissertation Supervision as needed (0)

 * An introductory statistics class (taken in the last five years) is a prerequisite to taking the two advanced statistics classes. If needed, it should be taken in the summer prior to year one or in the first semester of year one.

**GNUR 532 may be taken in the Fall of Year 2, Spring in Year 2 or Fall of Year 3.

***The Responsible Conduct in Research and Scholarship (RCRS) course and the Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI) course must be successfully completed prior to submitting your IRB proposal.


A BSN to PhD option is available.  Please contact admission for more details.