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Health Systems Management program holds 2nd annual Match Day

Health Systems Management program holds 2nd annual Match Day

Loyola University Chicago President Jo Ann Rooney, JD, LLM, EdD, hands a senior Health Systems Management student her internship decision at the 2nd annual Health Systems Management Match Day on October 13 at the Lake Shore Campus

By Megan McKinley

For the Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing's Health Systems Management (HSM) senior class, countless hours of studying and preparation lead up to a defining moment. On the morning of October 13, at the Lake Shore Campus, 69 stacked and sealed letters laid heavily on minds of HSM faculty, staff, and students.

The 2nd Annual HSM Match Day, much like the medical school match day tradition that announces each four year residency location, pairs each senior with an internship program. Throughout the previous months, faculty and students meet to discuss their field of interest to find a program that partners with Loyola.

Program director Marymargaret Sharp-Pucci EdD, MPH, opened the morning festivities by affirming, "It’s not about the name of the match. It's about the skills you will gain from the experience."

Before handing out the envelopes, Loyola University Chicago President Jo Ann Rooney, JD, LLM, EdD, a former leader in health care policy at Huron Consulting Firm and the Department of Defense, challenged the students to live in the moment during their internship.

"Everyone tried to look through the envelope to see if they can find any clues," said Battsooj "B" Jargal, who hopes to receive her MBA from Loyola next spring after completing her undergraduate studies. After the class opened the letters all at once Jargal said, "Everyone was excited but didn’t want to be overly excited. We looked around to make sure everyone else was okay first before getting too excited."

At first, Lily Karges was unsure about her match with Falcon Consulting, but faculty reassured her of the company's long time partnership with Loyola. "Being able to sit at a table with friends and be in the same room as my peers... was really amazing. It definitely exceeded my expectations," said Karges.

In the past, the internship placement was sent out in an e-mail to students, but Sharp-Pucci has been instrumental in making the HSM Match Day event an annual gathering to celebrate the achievement as a class. "It’s one of my favorite days of the year. They've worked so hard to get here," said Sharp-Pucci. "When I see all the happy and excited faces. It’s very rewarding for me."