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Laura Bardowski, RN, MSN, CIC

Laura Bardowski Student Profile
Laura Bardowski, RN, MSN, CIC
Laura Bardowski, RN, MSN, CIC earned her MSN from the Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing Infection Prevention program

Ever since I started working in infection prevention, I knew that I wanted to get a master’s degree. I had been considering an MPH, because that degree aligns nicely with traditional skills needed for infection prevention. However, I had a discussion with a nationally known nurse leader in infection prevention at the 2007 APIC national conference and she encouraged me to work toward an MSN.  This was the same conference where I stopped by the Loyola University Chicago booth to learn more about their graduate programs. Discovering that I could get my MSN with a focus on infection prevention, I knew Loyola was the right choice.  I have never regretted my decision. 

The Loyola faculty were, and continue to be, an encouraging and supportive influence on my career. While I had experience in infection prevention content when I first started the MSN, I gained the confidence and leadership skills needed to be a successful IP in this ever-changing discipline. I now think more globally in order to exert system-wide, organizational change. The day I graduated from Loyola, I felt like a nurse Leader – it’s difficult to put into words how the program changed my perspective other than “I just felt different.”

I am now an Infection Preventionist at Rush University Medical Center where my leadership skills in implementing evidence-based practice make a difference every day in patient safety and infection prevention.