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Rebecca Murphy, RN, MSN, DNP, and new Loyola graduate

Rebecca Murphy Student Profile
Rebecca Murphy, RN, MSN, DNP
Rebecca Murphy, RN, MSN, DNP, and new Loyola graduate earned her MSN and DNP from the Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing

I am the outcomes manager of Perioperative Services at Central DuPage Hospital. I have always been passionate about the operating room and enhancing outcomes for surgical patients. Preventing infections and assuring a safe, error-free environment is essential.

I knew that I wanted to grow as a leader in nursing and continue my education in a way that I could impact the care of surgical patients at the systems level.  The reputation of Loyola University Chicago’s Infection Prevention graduate programs inspired me to continue my education.  

I obtained my master’s degree in Infection Prevention in 2011 and continued on with the DNP program, graduating in 2014. I LOVED every minute of my education. The faculty were knowledgeable, supportive and motivating. They encouraged my success by stimulating research and project development, preparing me to be a change agent. 

Success in the program while working and having a family is possible! I had a 1 year old when I started the program and then found out I was pregnant with twins. I was able to continue with school and worked full time in the operating room while going through the master’s program and then the DNP.

Through my research on surgical site infections, I have learned that staff involvement in preventive interventions is crucial and will have direct results on patient outcomes.

I have published an article, written a chapter for APIC and spoken at a national conference.  I attribute my success to the relationships I made at Loyola.