Loyola University Chicago

Office of Civic Engagement

Our Mission

“To engage Loyola University Chicago and our students with the civic life of our community, the City of Chicago, Cook County, the State of Illinois, the Federal Government, and beyond, through mutually beneficial activities.

The Office of Civic Engagement promotes good citizenship and civil discourse, for the university and its students, staff and faculty, and actively supports students wishing to explore opportunities in the public sector.

Serving as the university’s civic engagement hub, the office facilitates internal and external partnerships through: community engagement, business engagement, government engagement, and civil engagement.”

The Civic Engagement mission addresses the third ‘hunger’ outlined in the monograph, “Transformative Education in the Jesuit Tradition:”  

Students today value building meaningful community with genuine connectedness that has them engaged civicly; they display a new strength of passion and commitment to use their gifts and talents for others; there is a sense among them that they have found their voice as change agents, and now they long to participate more actively, creating more good in the world.”

The mission further supports Plan 2020, especially Institutional Priority IV, through direct engagement with our neighbors, addressing societal problems. The Division of Civic Engagement will provide Loyola students, faculty and staff with opportunities to encounter, to serve, and to learn from the people in their community. The Division will also facilitate the Jesuit mission of bringing diverse perspectives together for dialogue.